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Hi to you all - a brief story on how I'm quitting smoking   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jul-30 by ZTravolta; 1299 views.

From: ZTravolta


Hey you all, just like you, smoking has become a real problem in my life. I had my last puff 1 year ago. I feel like I'm free from it, but I'm still battling against. One thing that has helped me to relieve the urges is to vape - and that's why I invested in a proper vaping device and several ejuice flavors, to keep my urges under control.

Of course, it's just a method to restrain the urges, because the biggest advances have been brought thanks to my workout routine, morning rituals and healthier diet - as well as meditation.

I'm looking forward to learning more from you, and of course, help whenever possible.


From: slowblumer




I am glad you quit smoking cigarettes.  That is surely important.

I would like however, to remind you from the on set that this is a forum  to support each other overcome nicotine addiction.  Vaping is not encouraged.

Having said that, if your goal is to overcome nicotine addiction please stay with us. 


From: slowblumer


Thought I would repost this in reference to e-cigs and vaping.  Hope you find it helpful.

Rich (lexx0) said:

Far for me to suggest a policy change, but have any of the mods got together and tried to broach this subject saying if your vaping we have a way to get you off of them and nic too? 

Hi Rich ( and all )

Sorry I'm coming into this discussion a few days late, but I just wanted to answer your question and talk a bit about why we still don't recommend e-cigs here.

Regarding your question about the forum developing a plan to help people quit e-cigs: Simply put, if e-cigarettes were legitimate quit aids, there would be a physician-endorsed course of therapy in place that we could refer to. But because they're not, the best we can do is to offer support and suggestions like cutting down, lollipops, etc.

I do have an article w/ suggestions for people who are addicted to nicotine gum that could offer some direction:

We have to be careful that we don't jump into a medical advisory role instead of a support role.  It can be a fine line at times.

Why We Still Don't Recommend the E-Cigarette as a Quit Aid

To date, there hasn't been enough research to support moving e-cigs into the quit aid category.  The science just isn't there to back that up yet.  Because of that,  it's not a good idea for any of us to encourage others to use them for cessation, or to even suggest that they're better than smoking here at the forum.  

The FDA recently classified e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.  This means that here in the U.S., they are now under federal regulation, which will ultimately be a good thing for consumers.  

Historically, the manufacturing process has been unregulated, and the amount of nicotine in e-juice varies widely from what is stated on packaging ( including nicotine content in supposedly nicotine-free cartridges).   Not good for anyone using it and especially bad for those using the e-cig as a quit aid. 

Going forward,  federal oversight will improve the consistency of all aspects of this product - both for importers and companies making ejuice and delivery devices here in the states, but these changes will take time to put in place.

All that said, if someone arrives here looking for help with getting off of the e-cig, we can and should absolutely support them just as we would anyone trying to quit any other tobacco product.  

What we can't help with is someone who is using the e-cigarette with no interest in cessation.  We're a nicotine recovery forum.  If you're trying to quit tho, regardless of the method or how many times you've tried, we're here for you. :-) 

I will admit that I
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ZTravolta, does your juice have any nicotine in it?

And congratulations on your steps toward healing!!

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From: xvaper


HI Ztravolta,

I have been addicted to vaping for 8 years and  stopped 34 days ago. Make no mistake, vaping is even more addictive than cigarettes, because you can vape away as much as you want, you don't have to go outside to smoke and there is no smelly odor, so there is nothing to stop you from sucking on that things all day long.  One of the reasons I decided to try to quit was what I found out about nicotine itself. I realized the amount of nicotine I was getting from even the lightest juice was a minimum of a pack a day worth of nicotine. I learned that Nicotine makes our blood vessels contract and expand so that over time they lose their elasticity, which leads to heart problems. I also learned that nicotine breaks up collagen, so if you are a lady, like me, be mindful of that.. collagen is not repairable unfortunately. I realized that nicotine addiction made me more depressed rather than better, because nicotine makes you more nervous and in constant state of withdrawal.

When i started vaping instead of smoking I only traded one form of slavery for another. That the Tobacco companies have stakes in vaping companies should tell you something.

I already feel so much better physically, and enjoy the freedom of not having to freak out if I ran out of my juice or filters. 

I encourage you to try to free yourself like I am.

Best of luck!

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From: overdoz


yeah nicotine has a short half life so it leaves us feeling down till we take another hit, hence the reason we continue to smoke. Its best to quit and be done with it, and not do like me and have 1,000 quits, I made it to one week today which is a big accomplishment i was feeling kinda down, but i remembered what helped last time with the nervousness and it was riding my bike.. so i went bike riding for 4 hours to the lake in Evanston by Northwestern University and hung out in the sun for about an hour, it was real nice (nobody was smoking). I dont feel the happiness as instantly as i did quitting back in the spring but i know that its coming from something else i have been dealing with, but slowly it seems like everyday is getting better. I hang out in my garage instead of staying in my apartment, i listen to news radio and then look at my bike or scooter and it makes me happy. 

Yeah i know those people that vape seem like they are billowing out smoke like a smoke stack and they seem just as down as cig smokers, its a big depression that cigs cause us...


From: xvaper


Yea i was one of them. it makes you lethargic and not want to do anything just sit and vape.And when you run out of juice or filter or your vapor breaks, the panic. I drove all over Brooklyn in the middle of the night a few times to looking for an open vape shop to get 'my' juice and when I couldn't find filters that fit my vapor i bought a new vapor ($60-$100, I used the refillable). Last night I had a crazy craving and wanted to go buy a pack, but I decided to wait minute by minute, and then after about 15-20 minutes It past. Happiness I don't know about that, I'm not a  always jovial person, but for sure cigarettes or any other nicotine addiction is not helpful at all. It acts like a 'friend' but it is anything but. I have more energy already (38 days) and I am in a better mood overall.

Congrates on one week!

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From: overdoz


yeah thanks im being careful, was thinking to call a friend up but he smokes amongst other things so im just gonna protect my quit. I was feeling the blues before, and yesterday i found a bike in the yard it was my neighbors he said i can use it, but it was beat up so i changed wheels out and made some adjustments oiled the chain was bone dry and went for an epic bike ride from my apartment to neighboring auburn of chicago, Evanston. Thats the game changer to keep busy if you can, walk, ride a bike, just whatever we can cause were not getting that hit of nicotine and other chemicals multiple if not thousands of times a day so the dopamine drops off, and i like nicoderm cq patches personally, they take the edge off.

Have a good evening, are you from Brooklyn i read? thats a great walking area by the those cool bridges there..


From: xvaper


I'm not from here, but I have been living in here for 10 years. There are loads of places to walk but in the summer I prefer to drive upstate, where the heat is less oppressive. Upstate NY is beautiful forest and lakes and streams.

 You have to try to change your thinking, you are not missing anything by not smoking. You are not blue because you quit. You are blue because you are blue, and you saw cigs as your friend ( and so did I) Smoking will make your blues worse and trap you in the loop again. The dopamine you get while you are smoking is minimal, most of the dopamine is released when you expect a cigarette, in the reward area before you even light it. This thing hijacks our brain reward system to tell you - do it again, do it again- even when you don't enjoy it anymore. There are many ways to treat the blues,  temporary or otherwise, if this is what you are experiencing, There are drugs that can lift you up, especially during the quitting process. Have you spoken to a doctor about it? it can be very helpful (from experience).

I'm not using any nicotine replacement but you should use whatever you need to to stay away from smoking.


From: overdoz


seems like you have it all figured it out