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to much booze...   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Aug-2 by Sjarel; 303 views.
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From: TinyBadger


Hi there! Firstly, you're smart to quit, as I feel the younger you can kick the addiction, the better. I'm not sure how I feel about eating garlic- is it roasted or raw?!?! I'm on the 7 mg patch right now, and have 3 or so 2mg lozenges a day.  I'm currently on day 53. No lie, it's been a struggle, but I'm making it by doing some of the things you are doing: making healthy lifestyle changes like what and how much I eat, upping my water intake, exercising more, and drinking tons of cold green tea. Delicious. I do feel more vibrant and alive than I have in a long time. I'm picking up hobbies like crafts, painting, reading, etc that I haven't done in forever and I'm noticing the world around me seems much more colorful. I'm not sure if this is because I'm feeling confident and proud of myself for my quit or not. I can taste and smell better too, and I've been experimenting in the kitchen. In my case, I think I was filling the hole of boredom and anxiety. Now I have more time on my hands so I'm doing more stuff. I also have anxiety so I'm forced to deal with that in different ways than I used to. I am forced to face the lonliness by making different choices. I think when you add that to better health choices it is a recipe for a brighter outlook and healthier sense of wel-being. Sorry this was so long.

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From: TinyBadger


Oh, golly, raw garlic! That sounds awful, but if it works, go with it. I meant I have anxiety in general, it had loosened it's grip on me since I quit smoking. I used to drink a lot of coke, but I gave up on it and started drinking tea. Loreficent, a user here, makes her own kombucha and swears by it. I think I'm one of a few that have lost weight at the same time as quitting. I think it's been about being inspired to make better choices. I'm pretty excited about my new life and making changes. I'm trying not to get weird about it though because quitting smoking is absolutely my number one priority.