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1 year 10 months Smoke Free   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Aug-15 by BlueDahlia29; 562 views.

From: BlueDahlia29


Hello fellow quitters. Just popping in to let you all know I'm still going strong as a non-smoker. There have been an odd occasion of wanting a cigarette during times of extreme stress but I play the tape forward and know if I have that 1 I will be right back to being a 2 pack a day smoker with the possibility of never quitting again, so I avoid that 1. All in all I don't think about smoking anymore which is truly a miracle because I used to looooove to smoke and when people thought of me they probably thought of me with having a cigarette in my mouth and doubted I would ever quit. I wasn't one of those fortunate people that was able to quit on their first attempt. It took me about 4 years of trial and error to get a quit that's lasted this long. The final straw for me was watching my mom die from emphysema and lung cancer when I had my last cigarette I had just bought a pack smoked one out of it and began coughing an uncontrollable cough and couldn't catch my breath, I knew if I didn' tquit I would be like my mom on an oxygen machine fighting to breath. I threw the rest of the pack out, dug my heels in and put in the hard work of becoming cigarette free. It wasn't always easy but I pushed myself and stayed close to this forum, educated myself on tips and tricks to get through cravings. I would also reward myself periodically when I hit special milestones, 1 week quit, 10 days quit, 2 weeks, 3 weeks so on and so forth the days began adding up and eventually the desire to have a cigarette disappeared completely. My best advice to those of you struggling to quit smoking is to never give up on yourself. Even if you've tried 100 times to quit and went back to it try again, you will gain your freedom if you don't give up, educate yourself, and learn from your setbacks. Seldom is it a linear path that leads to breaking the chains of addiction, there are often bumps, curves, hills, and valleys along the way. You are learning, you are growing, you are preparing for your final goal of complete freedom. God bless each one of you, don't give up!    Love, Blue


From: Molly010


Hey Blue,

Nice to see you!  I remember you trying to quit a couple of times early on.  I had tried to quit 1000 times before, and the forum really helped me with this last quit.  So I agree with you that people definitely should not quit quitting!  It can take a bazillion times before it sticks and as you say it is a learning process.  We learn from every relapse.  Thanks for stopping by to say hello and glad you are doing well.  


From: slowblumer


Hi there Blue,

I am not on here much lately but happened to see your post today.

I am so happy for you in getting your freedom from cigarettes.  That was one powerful and true milestone post.  You never gave up on yourself.  



Best Wishes 


From: BlueDahlia29


Hi Marge! Great to see you. I also gained freedom from alcohol so I no longer smoke or drink and I'm so much more happier and relaxed, I finally feel truly free.


From: BlueDahlia29


Hi Molly! That's the key never quit quitting!!!


From: Cazza2468


Well done and congratulation. I am so happy to see that you got there in the end



From: Jatchat


Hi Blue,

Congratulations on your quit, well done you're an inspiration to me, I know how much you struggled early on, but persistence paid off, your right you just have to train yourself to refuse just one, because that's all it takes for a full blown relapse. A lesson I learnt from a ten week quit just recently...

Kind regards



From: xvaper


Hi Blue,

Thank you so much for the encouragement. I am only 50 days in, sometimes I fell strong and other times very fragile. I really want to get to that place of not wanting to smoke anymore, and reading your post makes me feel hopeful that one day I will.


From: Loreficent


Thank you for sharing this with us. Though it is sad to read about your Mom, your message is very inspiring. I hope you also are moving forward on your journey with the knowledge that you are helping others here tremendously.

Congratulations! Enjoy this very non linear journey with a smoke free life! sunny


From: BlueDahlia29


Anthony!!!! I missed you!!! Congratulations on that 10 weel quit, that's awesome!!! Tbh there's still that odd occasion I would love to have one but I know I'd be back to 2 packs in no time.