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Susan 11 Months. Woohoo!”   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started Sep-13 by euknight; 749 views.

From: euknight


Congrats to you Susan.  This is an exciting day because you are almost to a year.  Whoa sista!!

Thank you for presence on this site.  We all look up to you, girl when a year seems like such a long time!!

Thank you for your encouragement and all the hard work you have gone through to get to this point!!

You go girl!!




From: SusanK1960


Why thank you Miss Peggy!  Your enthusiasm comes thru and makes me feel like there is a party going on and I always love a good party!  It feels good to be here.  I still feel like I am missing something, I still enjoy the smell of a cig being lit, and yet, I enjoy not being a slave to the ups and downs of the addiction!  


From: Eve1973


I understand Susan.....agree with you 100%! Today coming home I saw people on the side of the road. They were on motorcycles. They all stopped to to smoke. I was like wow. I don’t have to do that anymore. So happy to NOT HAVE TO THINK HOW OR WHEN I WILL GET MY NEXT FIX!

Congrats again..... glad to hear you still think you are missing it, because I do also at times. I think this has been part of our life for so long that it’s kinda like losing someone to a death. You will miss them for a LONG LONG TIME, but you learn to function and go through life somehow without them.  Just my weird thoughts for the day! HUGS!


From: Loreficent


Oh boy...one more month to the Cluhouse! Wow! This is such a wonderful achievement. You are a ROCK. Maybe you miss it now and then, but you wouldn’t cave at this point. Very proud of you Susan! Your calm, encouraging, wise presence has been a blessing to me. Thank you for sharing the journey. It must feel really really good  to be only a month away! Tell me it feels attainable. You must be chomping at the bit right now to get there, and we all KNOW you will!!



From: Anne2020


So how does 11 months feel?  Any hints on what to expect?


From: SusanK1960


Anne, it feels pretty darn good!  After about the 5th month, It seems the craves/muscle memory is considerably less and it seems easier to shun the “impulsivity” aspect of it. Each month has its own challenges.  Just like medicine, there are side effects, however, you won’t get all of them and other quitter get some that you don’t.  The great thing is the positive effects from quitting outweigh the negative challenges over time!


From: June2019


Looking good, Susan! Glad things getting easier - you're almost at the clubhouse!!!

(o'fer farts' sake - those are supposed to be next to each other making an 11 - sign)

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From: 48yrsmokin


 I agree with everything your talking about Susan whole heartly. I've been threw some occasional pretty rough times here lately. Got the good days when you don't even think about what you use to do with yourself . Then WHAM the day comes all you want to think about is having a smoke. It is easier to say Nope. and the brain says OK not going to have 1. and go about your business.   I'm glad to have you In my corner Susan during these 11 months Youve been the difference to me to keep my quit going. Just went for a trip in the car and my wife so appreciated that I don't smoke any more. Much more pleasent. 


From: SusanK1960


Hey Ed!  So happy to hear from you!  I count myself lucky to have you as a quit partner as well!  It has been a blessing that you have stuck with me on this forum the whole time and whether it was encouragement, praise, info, I knew you were just a message away.  I’m sure your wife is quite happy of your accomplishment and you can be proud of a job well done!


From: Jatchat


Congratulations Susan, 11 months wow!!