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13 years   General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-15 by Canadian_BB; 141 views.

From: Canadian_BB


Wow, it has been a long time since i have posted here. There was a time that I felt I could never do this. I would be a slave to nicotine for life. Guess what, I was just like everyone else. I would try & fail... then try again. Eventually what happened was I realized that it was My Quit. It was not for anyone else. Only me. To quit for someone else was only a slippery slope that was missing the key ingredient. ME. If I was not doing it for me then I just was not committed.

Once it was for me, it was still a long road but here I am now 13 or so years free and I really cannot believe I was ever a smoker. Yes, at first it felt like I was giving up a best friend. A secret lover who was always there. When news came, good or bad, I wanted to share it with a smoke. Believe me, you get past it. You find replacements. Activities, health goals, maybe food. Every pound I may have gained I also lost. Do not replace smoking with another addiction.

Congratulations to everyone here. You are all Winners and your journey will continue with bumps on the road, but keep going forward and someday you will look back and say, WOW.


From: Eve1973


Thanx for your story Canadian!

I am  7 1/2 months somber! And am having those bumps that you spoke of! Glad to know they are just bumps and not Mountains! Thanx that helped! Congratulations on 13 years! I hope some day to be able to come back and share also, 


From: Loreficent


Oh this is fabulous news! 
Thank you so much for taking the time to come back and share. There is always so much inspiration from you “old timers”. I know exactly that feeling of needing to share the news, good or bad, with your old friend and lover. It takes time to figure out new ways to process for me for sure, so what you said is very validating that this is similar to a divorce kind of. 
So happy for you and thank you again for the hope and inspiration!! It helps me keep my eye on the prize. 

You are definitely an inspiration to new quitters. Glad to see another old timer offer support and words of wisdom on this wicked tough journey. Congratulations on hitting over 13 years quit. I will hit 7 years quit on the 27th. 

As Smokers we just assumed that we were too weak to toss cigarettes for good as that excuse of I'm not ready kept us hooked to this drug addiction. I hated thinking I was a drug addict and that vision helped me say I will not smoke no matter what crap I have to endure. I followed the posts of long term quitters as they knew what we were all going through. At times we hang on by our fingernails and this is when we must dig in and tell that nicotine monster to take a hike. 

Thanks for coming back to support new quitters. You have proven that you are no sissy.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013