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Nope Pledge 9/29/2020 Tuesday    General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-29 by Eve1973; 179 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning fellow Nopers,

    Tiny had a tsunami yesterday of craves! Did she just give up? NOPE! She came on this forum and asked for help! She received it! Which proves WE ARE STRONGER TOGETHER! 

     So today I take her hand and raise it high to say NOPE, NOT ONE PUFF EVER! Who will join ?

     Have a great day!

     Eve 9/29/2020


From: TinyBadger


It's true! I was super close to smoking several times yesterday, and I'm not really sure what triggered it. Anyhoo, I'm joining you in pledging nope today and giving a big thank you to everyone who responded to my crisis. We ARE stronger together! Who is next?


From: kittymom413



I'm so sorry that I wasn't around yesterday to help you through your crisis, but I'm glad that there were others around the forum to help you purple_heart

I'll proudly join you, Eve & all of our forum family to pledge NOPE! Who wants to join us? here, take my hand...we are so stronger when we stick together!!

Have an incredible smoke free day,


Kitty cat


From: candrew



Last time I talked to you you payed me a very nice complement. "You  are going to make it" is what you said. I repeat this when my "pangs" return along with other distractions that I use, 

I am scheduled to do it again tomorrow. I am very scared this time, wonder if I will be able quit for good.

Wish me well



From: TinyBadger


I believe in you, candrew! You absolutely will make it and all you have to do is keep your mantras close. This is all a mind game, addiction is tricky and terrible. You just have to decide to fight this thing, and I know you can! You can always post if you need some perk because we've got your back. You really can do this, you are strong enough.


From: candrew


Thank you for your encouragement! I needed some this afternoon.

I have always said  that with everything we go through, it starts and ends with 

attitude. That can make all the difference in a "quality quit" vs an outright relapse.

This is a much bigger deal than I thought. It's been almost a year, 6 try's, 2 months 

smoke-free. I know that I can do this, I end up sabotaging my program If I let my

attitude slip. 

Stay strong.

Take care