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New - Completely Miserable & Struggling   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Sep-30 by StruggleHard; 5254 views.

Yes Strugglehard you will be struggling hard especially in the first three to four months. The first week is  Hell Week , then comes Heck Week, them comes Emotionlly Tired Week. The blues hit us but it's because nicotine is a stimulant and now our addicted brain must work without its fix. You'll see as the weeks pass the craves do fade a little month by month. I believed what other long term quitters kept saying that it will get easier - just not yet. Our brain was taken over by the addiction. Cigarettes have so many poisonous chemicals that we made our body accept. When we quit our poor nervous system takes a hit and we are anxious and jittery but this will all go away once you are free. I used every nicotine replacement stuff to stay off cigarettes and it worked for me. Others like yourself try cold turkey - we are all different but we all accept that we will feel crappy for quite a while. 

Be proud to be a quitter and smile every time you get through another crave. Read everything on this forum, also read Allen Carr's book The Easy Way to Quit Smoking and there are countless YouTube videos about quitting. I finally got free after 44 years of smoking. My biggest reason for quitting was when I became a grandma. I sure didn't want to leave my grandchild  with the image of me puffing away on a sticky cigarette. So, if I could quit so can you just stay stubborn, committed and dedicated. Life truly is better as a quitter.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013


From: StruggleHard


Thanks.  It's close to 96 hours.  I guess I just keep going - it certainly is a beastly process!


From: justkee


Hello Struggle,

I am a 45 year smoker and was recently diagnosed with lung cancer in both lungs. Was told by my oncologist that it was not curable but treatable. I was in total panic and cried for weeks and continued to smoke. Due to the added fear and anxiety I smoked even more than before. This forum is helping me get my head screwed back on straight. I am still smoking but have cut down tremendously and WILL quit! 

Point being you are doing so much better than I am so don't go backwards. One cigarette will ruin what you have already done. 

Good Luck and Fight the Demon


From: StruggleHard


Hi Justkee, 

I am sorry to hear about your diagnosis. That must have been terrifying to hear and I can understand why your smoking initially ramped up. Good for you for cutting down tremendously in the way to stopping. I hope all of the treatments go well for you. 

I have made it almost 5 days; I still think I have a lousy frame of mind about it that I'm trying to change, but I haven't smoked. 

Thank you for reaching out and best to you. 


From: Eve1973


5 days is nothing to sneeze at! Seriously! You are doing great. After the 1st week, you will be so happy with yourself for not smoking, you will want to scream it to the world! Do It! Say YES I CAN AND WILL DO THIS! Nothing is going to stop me! Deep breaths, water and ice chips thru a straw and lots and lots of distraction! Keep it up.....day 6 here we come!

Hey Struggle,

How you holding up? Keep fighting, don't quit, don't give up. I quit smoking after 42 years...cold turkey. I wanted to get rid of nicotine while I was my strongest. I had a planned quit and had a plan to follow. Good Luck to you...you can do it. Make up your mind that you WANT to quit. Drinking ice water thru a straw helped tremendously. I also agree with others that the first 3 days were HELL...going thru withdrawal with heart palpitations, sweating, not sleeping, crying was the absolute worse. Committing to the NOPE pledge everyday was critical to me...just get thru TODAY...Don't think about tomorrow. Someone else on here told you to immediately do something else when you get a crave and that is SO true. Taking a walk, doing jumping jacks, eating chocolate candy or cookies, singing your favorite song as loud as you can, doing something with your hands is very helpful. And keeping a journal to write down your feelings and what your goals are, etc. Write down and review your reasons to quit often. Just get thru TODAY without smoking...take it one day at a time. Pledge NOPE each day on here and FIGHT for your life. 

"If you going thru hell, keep going."  You can do this. 

Take care and stay safe.

We still kicking cig butt...Love it!!  


Emancipated since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower


From: StruggleHard


Thank you, Gloria. Somehow I made it a week! I don't k ow how, honestly. Truthfully, I think my attitude is still bad and I know that's not helpful, and I'm hoping that it turns around in time. 

Yes, the heart palpitations, endless anxiety, crying.!! . I feel like no one in my life could really relate. Not even my husband bc he never went through that when he quit. Maybe not everyone goes through that? 

I still feel like a fraud, but am hoping I can stick with it long enough for it not to be a fraud. I still want to smoke pretty damn badly, irs crazy. What I know intellectually and what I feel are very different. 

2plus years for you.. Congrats! I am impressed. Do you remember when you passed abject misery? 

Thanks for reaching out! 


From: Nope62


    Congratulations on not smoking for a week! Try to find some way of rewarding yourself for this achievement. If you have not smoked in a week,  you are not a fraud. Things should get a little easier for you with each passing day. The cravings should be less intense and further apart as you continue not to smoke. I don't know how long you have smoked, but you need to give your mind and your body a little time to adjust to being a non smoker. It will happen for you!

Good luck!

Yes, after 3 wks, I was totally ok. It's a mindset and what you want. I decided I wanted to NOT smoke more than I wanted to smoke. I gave my cigs a funeral and said goodbye to my dear friend of 42 years. I did not want to miss smoking and so I gave it the proper respect, mourned them, then kicked them to the curb like a bad lover or husband. No More & Good riddance. I was totally ready and desired to never smoke again. 

Really I felt good after 3 weeks...I kept waiting for something bad to happen after that but it didn't and I just had to take it one day at a time. I could sleep again (after not sleeping for the first 2 weeks that I quit). I viewed quitting as a challenge and competition that I refused to lose. I was stubborn, determined, committed and passionate about quitting and never smoking again. I was a warrior on the battlefield and my quit buddies on here were on the battlefield together. We helped each other get thru the hard times. Hell week (first week) and Heck week (2nd week) were truly horrible and I felt like I was in a fog. But after 3 weeks, I felt Good (surprisingly). The support on this website was amazing. I could not have done it without it. 

Take the NOPE pledge each day and make a commitment to just not smoke TODAY...DON'T WORRY ABOUT TOMORROW....just get thru today. 

Big Congrats on One week smoke-free. You have earned a dot. And once you reach one month, you have earned a star. That was a big deal for us 2 years ago. Most don't bother now. But you should reward yourself someway. You really have earned it.

I did not crave a cig after 6 weeks per my journal...had a few mild thoughts & urges to smoke but not craving a cig at all. You have to be a warrior and keep your armor on for at least 6-8 months. You cannot have ONE cig or you will go right back to smoking. I would never go thru those first 3 weeks again. 

I LOVE being an ex-smoker and hardly remember smoking. I have so much joy and peace in my life due to not smoking. 

Are you ready to keep kicking Cig butt?? FIGHT for your freedom and health. You can do it.

I will respond to you if you need someone to talk to. Also the monthly groups on here are Great. I would check out the October 2020 New Ex-Smokers group here. They are going thru exactly what you are going thru.

Keep your armor on and FIGHT & KICK Cig Butt!!

Take care and stay safe.

We still kicking cig butt...Love it!! Working on our wings. 


Emancipated since 30 July 2018...How Sweet it is!!sunflower