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My Sister Just Died 6 Days ago   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Oct-10 by Zerich; 764 views.

From: Zerich


My sister died 6 days ago. She was in the hospital 2 or three times and had been off cigarettes twice but started back as soon as she left the hospital. I tried to get her to stop for at least 20 years and she never would. Well, covid finally took her. The doctor said her lungs were so damaged she couldn't fight it any longer.

Quitting is TOUGH. I know!  

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From: Loreficent


I’m sorry to hear about your sister. Was she a forum member here and you are letting us know one of our comrades passed away? Yes, it is a very unpredictable disease. How old was she? 
It is an extremely difficult addiction for sure. Though I know you will miss your sister it is important to remember that her battle with nicotine had nothing to do with you. If it were as simple as our loved ones asking us to stop or scare tactics being effective and quitting happened that would definitely make it easy and this forum would likely not exist or be utilized.
It can be really hard to lose a loved one, particularly if one sees it as it was something preventable. It is very important right now that you don’t blame yourself. 
I hope you find some peace in your time of sorrow.

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My deepest sympathy Zerich. Quitting smoking is wicked tough and be proud that your sister tried. Many quitters attempt the quit numerous times as smoking was so entwined in every action of our days. We became drug addicts.

Doctors don't get it either they think oh only a couple days and you should be ok. Take the patch or the gum and you can do it. Many addicts fail but this forum has helped hundreds quit successfully. We know what it's like and only fellow past smokers can truly relate to the battle. People relate to each other's struggles here. Plus the pay it forward nature of this forum helps give people the courage and support they need as people from all over the world are fighting this battle right alongside. 

Your post will truly inspire others to just keep going in their wish for success over this nicotine monster that scars our lungs. Please know that your message is loud and clear - quit now or some respiratory infection like Covid can take your life and leave heartbroken family members behind to grieve. My deepest sympathy on your loss.

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013

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From: overdoze


thats what worries me about my dad.. his lungs are so damaged that ig he gets it or when he does it will be devastating. 

Im sorry for your loss

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From: euknight



So very sorry for your loss.  Hits deeper when you had similar struggles, eh?  I know.  Be gentle with yourself and don’t fight the grief.

Your post and picture are a beautiful tribute to her.  Thank you for posting.  Several of us quit during Covid and needed to hear from you.

Thank you,



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From: Sheilamz


So sorry for your loss. God bless you and your family.

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From: strong1977


That is so very hard to watch your sister as you try to help her but couldn't...my heart breaks for you and your family, truly sorry for your loss. sending you love and hugs to get thru this horrible time