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Must be smoke free for 30 days   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Oct-15 by Cocoamom; 395 views.

From: Cocoamom


I am 59 years old, overweight, been smoking for 44 years, have high blood pressure and up until very recently was walking 1-3 miles multiple times per week ... and then my life changed.

long story short, some discomfort walking turned into going from zero to one hundred with excruciating pain in my leg.  Appointments were delayed due to virus closing medical practices.  Now, two doctors later I’m looking at full hip replacement at a minimum - MRI being done next week (had to wait for insurance approval) because they’re convinced there’s something else, possible fracture at a minimum.  Physically, I’m done, can no longer walk and the pain is incredible.  They’ve given me a cane  to get across a room.

Smoking has certainly contributed and I was told that NO orthopedic surgery can be performed until the patient is 30 days nicotine free.   He asked IF I thought I could quit and I was honest telling him I don’t know.

I’m on day 3 with no cigarettes, cold turkey.  It’s a terrible habit that I loved like an old friend ... Have to remind myself this is my choice:  smoke or pain free - oh it’s not easy, but you all already know that!


From: Loreficent


Hi Cocoa!

Well, you have found the right place for this Forum is truly a gem and is priceless for so many of us who are in various stages of the same unifying struggle. Welcome! I hope you will commit to taking back your life and overcoming this dreadful addiction. There are many here who are a testament that it can be done. I’m sure some will be chiming in soon to offer you support. Another beautiful thing is there are folks from all walks and places and stages on the journey. You will not be alone just starting and this is helpful as it is so valuable to have the support of those who “get it”. We have all been in your shoes as far as the addiction. 
Maybe you have done this, but if you start at the very beginning of the October Quitters thread there are instructions on how the Forum works. Also, I highly suggest going to the Library tab that is near the bottom on the left and read the articles. So many good articles that will give insight and understanding of what you are going through and why. That understanding of the why is a big piece of the puzzle. And at first, it definitely feels like a thousand piece jigsaw puzzle scattered about and it can be overwhelming to try to see where to begin! Well, that’s normal. I will tell you up front that everything you feel is normal and valid, especially the initial FEAR of quitting. 
Stay close, post often, breathe deeply, and begin your journey! We are happy you’re here.relaxed

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From: TinyBadger


I don't have a lot to say because lorificent summed things up pretty darn well! I will say that the articles helped me a lot. Also I have posted when I was getting desperate and people really chimed in to help, so feel free! You are always welcome here and I hope you find people as nice as I do. Know that you can do this, because if I can get a few days under my belt you can too. You are brave and strong and able to achieve any goal you set your mind to! There will be struggles but we are here for you. 


From: Jaka38


I also cannot say better than Lore already did. It's my 17 day and still remember the 3rd day. I guess it was my first visit on this forum. Anyway I tried to quit more that 10 times before for differently long periods, but this time feels different due to this forum, it's support, great articles etc. I suggest to give it a try...

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