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First Time Trying    Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Oct-17 by nosmoketig; 6082 views.

From: MJoe79


LOLOLOL! I am reading through this post and this reply cracked me up!  You all are great!


From: Loreficent


Hahaha! I remember that conversation! About the road trip and no Country Music allowed and Tiny having what I thought was a senior under 40 “A-Ha” moment which turns out is some lame band I got suckered into watching on YouTube cause of that conversation and almost ended up smoking! Lol! Well, I didn’t really almost smoke over it as they were too lame in my taste to cause that, but, yeah. So...you’re the new guy, eh? Working up to taking the plunge? Awesome! Welcome aboard. Put on your seatbelt for a bit as the ride is a bit bumpy at first for most of us and there is some genuine turbulence, but if you stick close to here and read a lot and post a lot, you’ll be fine. Nobody ever died from quitting smoking. 
So....who is gonna be on your quit playlist? Yes, that is essential. Not sure about the green tea helping with cravings, but I like green tea. Especially once it’s made into Kombucha. Even better. I do know that black pepper essential oil does help, so if you got access to somewhere that sells essential oils, it is a common one and inexpensive. Usually those places sell extra little empty bottles and I have a tiny one I carry with me that I shoved a cotton ball into and put black pepper oil in it and take a whiff now and then. Not sure about cinnamon sticks either cause the only time I chewed one of those it was not quit smoking related but I ended up with really bad cottonmouth. Doubt it will hurt anything though, so give it a go? 
Most helpful is this place. 


From: gkim


That’s great that you’re planning and getting yourself ready. I haven’t heard of the green tea thing either but come to think of it, the first week or so I did drink green tea but only because coffee was a trigger for me. Maybe it helped me and I didn’t even know it. When cravings hit I usually pop a hard candy in my mouth. In the beginning since cravings were often I would do candy, gum, chocolate, popcorn and fruit. Now it’s mostly my candy of choice Werthers. I’ve tried jolly ranchers in the beginning but too many of those have me sores. Anyways, it seems like you’re well prepared. I had to make do as I went along since my quit wasn’t planned either. Today is day 76. Best wishes to you!