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Day 10 - sadness is lifting   Quit Support

Started Oct-22 by Season1327; 246 views.

From: Season1327


I have been feeling so sad through this process and really wondered if it would ever lift but I think it is starting to lift today.   

I thought I would miss smoking forever and that made me sad.   When I would think back about pretty much anything (my son's wedding, trips we took, etc) my brain immediately went to how good the cig was afterward.  I spent most of my day yesterday reminding myself that I don't smoke anymore.  

But today, something happened that hasn't in almost 18 years.  I was invited to go somewhere for the weekend and I immediately said yes.  In the past, I would have taken some time to decide because I needed to figure out how I would smoke during the trip - how I could hide or if I would just go without and be miserable.  I don't have to think about that anymore!  As soon as I said yes, I started to feel a little anxious because I realized what had happened but I know those feelings will pass too.   

This has been so hard but I feel good that I am 10 days in!  Thank you for all of the support here.  I don't post a lot but I'm reading everything. 


From: Jaka38


I'm really happy for you. I remember being so tired from all the planning and fiting the cigarettes in a picture. So glad that you find joy and freedom in it. 


From: DanJF3


Congratulations!  It is a great feeling to be free from smoking.  I know you are just starting out (I am only at not quite 10 months myself) but the benefits of quitting become more apparent with each day of freedom.  It's a lot of work in the beginning but it does get better and I think you are seeing that.  I hope you enjoy your weekend getaway and you are free from anxiety and the desire to smoke!


From: Loreficent


Yes, this is something for you to celebrate. I’m glad you are reading a lot. The Library has good articles. I think we all know the feeling...the “loss of our buddy”. Well, we have better friends here for sure. Keep up the good work.
Yes, those anxious feelings will pass for sure and once you’ve done this trip you will have such a sense of accomplishment. You really will feel the value of not having to stress about planning to smoke. Maybe just focus on that! How nice it is going to be. It will be a new adventure in many ways.