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Lore is 8months TODAY!   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started Oct-24 by Eve1973; 1056 views.

From: Eve1973


Hey Lore, 

    I know you always forget, but today is a wonderful day for you and you definitely need to be proud of yourself! We have been on this forum together mostly the whole time. We have seen the ups and downs of people’s struggles, ours included. You have offered your cheerleading skills to so Many and have filled people’s mind with your take on life.....lol.

    But today I celebrate you! Thanx for being there my friend!

Have a fantastic day! Hugs


From: Loreficent


Oh, Wow Eve!! I did forget the day again! stuck_out_tongue_winking_eyestuck_out_tongue_closed_eyesstuck_out_tongue

Which is funny as I think I just told it to Dan yesterday, Lol! Thank you so much Eve. So sweet of you to remember and keep me on my toes. I do know is SATURDAY, though!joy
Yes...we are growing OLD together Eve!!


From: euknight


Hugs to you sweet Lore!!!

Yes, it is your day and 8 months....ZOWIE!!!  Lots of struggles we have shared...your advice, support and sharing so often makes my day. It is honor to be on this journey with ya girl!!

Learning to live in smoke free bodies, while challenging at times is so worth it.  How would we ever do this without each other.  Thank you!!




From: TinyBadger


So proud of you! You've talked me off a ledge a few times and that speaks volumes about your commitment to quitting. Thanks for always being there and congratulations!


From: SusanK1960


You are doing fantabulous Lore!  Aren’t these guys descriptive of your journey!


From: Loreficent


O.M.G.!! Are they ever!! I love them! All of them! Thank you Susan! 
Sweet of my Tribe to remember for me, lol! 
Find the right key yet??? kissing_heart


From: Jatchat


Congratulations Lore, well done, eight months wow, You put a tremendous effort into this site helping others, thanks for your help


From: Loreficent


You know Anthony, my Momma was a wise and kind and fierce little woman. She worked hard her whole life, retiring from teaching school at 82! Yup. She imparted many pearls through her life, but one of the best was “if you want to help yourself, help others”. I miss her and it is only now that I am finally realizing how deeply she lived this, and how deeply she loved and gave, and yes...regretted too. So, I had a good teacher. Like so many others here...so many old timers that hang out or come back. This helps me too, you know? I will always be grateful for this place and all of you. heart


From: Jaka38


Wow Lore, congratulations. That's amazing achievement. 8 months, that's huge. I wish you to continue on this path, have no doubt you will btw, and remain such imense source of inspiration and support to myself personally and the rest of people here. I wish you a life without cravings and desires for cigarettes, full of joy and happiness winkkissing_closed_eyes

A HUGE CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU! 8 Full Months 2/3 to the Clubhouse NICE NOPING JOB!!! 

You will still get urges that come out of nowhere but you've been quit long enough to know they are not commands and you must continue to use your tools to succeed. As you know this is not easy and as I always say Quitting isn't for Sissies because once you make the solid choice it's the continuous mental follow through that must be maintained so your brain can rewire and those smoking thoughts and memories fade away. Hang in there and let all those nicotine receptors shut down for good. Nice NOPING!

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013