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Hello from an August 2012 Quitter   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Oct-29 by DaveBarry1; 267 views.

From: DaveBarry1


Hi all

A quick shout-out from South Africa.

I started my quit on 26 July 2012 and joined the August 2012 group.  As a 5-pack a day smoker, cutting down for 17 days and then going cold turkey was HARD.

This forum and more specifically my August Avengers '12 group was my salvation.

To all the new quitters - the best advice I can give? 1. Lean on your group and this Forum for support. 2. NOPE everyday. 3. Eat CARROTS when you crave, NOT sweets!!!!





From: overdoze


Its great to read your story i never knew anyone that could smoke 5 packs a day but i have heard 4 packs so i believe it. 

Thats a real triumph to quit at 5 packs a day. How do you feel? Do you feel better? Hi from Chicago by the way..


From: DaveBarry1



It takes a LOT of dedication and effort to smoke 87+ a day . Lighting up about every 10 minutes during awake-hours.  The thoughtlessness of quite literally chain-smoking in my office, car and house with complete disregard to colleagues, friends and family still haunts me.

Do I feel better?   I used to suffer from pneumonia and/or bronchitis EVERY year.  At least two weeks sick leave EVERY year. The one year I got pneumonia TWICE in a two-week period.    -> Since my quit, I have been ill ONCE in 8 years ....  Mild bronchitis two years into my quit, I lost 3 days in bed.

Oh yes, and my son's asthma miraculously cleared up!!

Go figure.

PS ... I started saving my cigarettes' money from the very start. It paid for my replacement car.  I still save it, even now. ....  I call it my Run-Fund.




Hello fellow long timer. Great to see you post once again to add support to new quitters. I quit in 2013 and still post here and there. Quitting taught me a lot. In the beginning, filling the smoke time felt weird and those anxious jittery nerves took longer to calm down than I expected. Plus, I truly learned what patience with the process meant. I also still find  waiting things out for 10 minutes helps even with dieting or making intense decisions. You develop a strong mental mindset over time and this was hard to accept in those first months. I quit after 44 years of poisoning myself and have remained free for over 7 years. I also found I didn't get so many colds or sinus issues once I made it to that one year mark. 

I found having a journal or quit story helpful and your posts really helped me stay on track. It's great to see another long time quitter offer words of inspiration. Stay safe during this pandemic. relaxed

"Quitting isn't for Sissies!" I quit poisoning myself Sept. 27, 2013