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Tiny 5 Months today Go sista!!   Dots and Stars Milestones

Started Nov-9 by euknight; 1989 views.

From: euknight


Hey Tiny,

One big  CONGRATS, you sneaky one, you!!,  Kinda like that you are one day after me so I can nab ya! !  Lol.

Am so proud of you!!  You are going strong.  5 months is really an accomplishment!!

Thanks for all you do to support us.  Your presence means a lot! !

Hugs to ya!





From: TinyBadger


Well, thank ye! I didn't realize our quit dates were so close. Thanks for all you do to support me, you have really talked me off the ledge and I simply love your sense of humor and stories! It's nice to quit with nice people. 

GI_JOE (JoelJose)

From: GI_JOE (JoelJose)


Congrats Tiny!!5 months is a real big deal.It shows your courage and motivation to stay quit.keep fighting and never let your armour down.Could i ask you to share all the advantages you gained by these 5 months??i bet the advantages of staying quit Obviously outweighs all of the simple reasons to continue as a smoker. I am proud of you.You had lot of struggles during this period,quitting is hard but you are stronger than you think.As you goes on adding up days from your last cigarette,it will be getting easier and easier.Remember always quiting always is in one direction and no turning back and never take chances.Never ever consider cigarettes as a forbidden fruit.You dont need it anymore.You are happier the way you are now and cigarettes only make you more worthless and sad.That is what it does.All the best Tiny.you got it.


From: Eve1973


Hey Tiny! 5 Months, wow.....great job! I know you have had quite a few times that you were on “ledge” and you prevailed and beat the Nicodemon! You maybe “Tiny” but you are powerful.



From: Elizaquits


Yay Tiny!!! Kudos to you! I can't believe its been 5 months already!! 


From: SusanK1960


Hey Tiny, you are doing fantastic!  One day at a time is adding up.  Tell us what reward you have chose to commemorate this milestone.  


From: Loreficent


I’m a bit late for the party, sorry about that! I think the party started after I was in bed though. I’m very very proud of you Tiny! And you know what? Mr Rogers would be too. You know it. Keep going friend. You’re stronger than you know. 


From: Jaka38


Yeee, congratulations. You're doing great so keep up leading the rest of usjoy

In reply toRe: msg 8

From: TinyBadger


I am no leader, I assure you! I think I'm probably the weakest one here, judging by how often I get close to smoking and come here to whine and complain. I am glad I'm not a smoker anymore, but I think that's from the inspiration I get here. 


From: Jaka38


Oh come on. You're not weakest. 5 months is not nothing. You need to have at least some determination, intention and willingness to come this far. Perhaps you're too self-critical? Its familiar and also really hard to change self talk but really, you've come so far and should be proud to yourself at least a bit ha ha