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Let's chat!   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-13 by strong1977; 112 views.

From: strong1977


Hello everyone! 

So i have been on here reading some posts of how some of you have been feeling, some want to know if you have changed from when your a " smoker" to when your " not a smoker" and i have to say that " yes" you really do change.

Even your personality changes, Even though i have nine years under my belt with not smoking i remember what it was like as a smoker, in a sense your personality does change, you go from being this smoker who always has to carry around their smokes, who can not leave the house without having the pack of smokes with you to now walking out of the house and not having a care in the world for smoking. you discover that when your a non smoker, food tastes better, your smelling becomes more heightened and things are way better for you health wise. 

I was someone who was depended on my smokes to keep my nerves calm, figured it was helping me, when it was just a mind set that i figured i needed the smokes in order to help me, thankfully i was wrong. 

I am so very thnkful that i no longer smoke and i am thankful that things are going well for me and for my family. 

proud to be a non smoker