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Wednesday Nope Pledge 11/18/2020   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-18 by Eve1973; 231 views.

From: Eve1973


Good Morning,

Every day can be a challenge in the beginning of a quit, but through this forum I had the people surround me with support. Therefore I have gotten through some VERY tough times. So take my hand say NOPE and KNOW that better days are coming.......we are definitely stronger together! 

Evei 1/30/2020


From: kittymom413


Hello, Eve,

You are so right...the support from others that are going through or have gone through their own quit is one of the reasons I am still staying strong today!!! So I pledge NOPE for all those struggling, those in our forum family that feel like giving in...you CAN do this & we are all here to help!

Who wants to join us in making this simple, but powerful pledge today? Here, take my hand...we really are stronger together

Have an amazing smoke free day, everyone,

(((BIG HUGS)))

Kitty cat


From: June2019


Eve & Kitty-

I'm so grateful to join you today in pledging Not One Puff Ever again at least for today. It's been 17 months for me, but i need to stay vigilant or at least aware of temptation. Previous quits failed after years long stretches, but not this time.

Eve - congrats on getting closer and closer to your 1 year! Fantastic.

Wishing everyone strength, peace & wisdom in staying nicotine free---


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From: TinyBadger


I'll join everyone saying nope today! Who's next?


From: Amicahomi


Great to see all of these familiar names - and still on the wagon!  Nineteen  and one-half months here and still very thankful to this forum for getting and keeping me nicotine free.   Please, everyone struggling - it does get easier.  You'll add time to your day (maybe time to your life) and cash to your pockets.    Your sight will be clearer.  You and your environment will smell better and  your social circle  may expand.  You won't be lying to your doctor or sneaking around to get your fix.  You will stop being a political pawn for big tobacco and taxing authorities.  OK.  Sermon over.  Love y'all.


From: Eve1973


Thanks June! I can’t wait for that YEAR mark to come! 

Wishing you also Strength, Wisdom and Peace! Come back and share your story, when you can. It always helps the newer people and even the waiting for “peace” people! Which is me! Lol

You too Ami....we need all the help we can get, especially with the holidays approaching!

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From: Eve1973


See message 6.....forgot to CC you