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NOPE Pledge Friday Dec 4, 2020   General Chit-Chat

Started Dec-4 by June2019; 174 views.

From: June2019


Happy Friday & happy day!

Despite being nicotine free for over a week, twice this week I thought of disappearing into that demon fog to escape anxieties. Holding fast to my quit and sharing this story so newer quitters realize the 'cravings' may change but they can kick in for a hot second from time to time even after the 1 year mark. That toolbox/war chest of diversions is valuable at every stage of being a former smoker!

SO - pledging NOPE - not one puff ever, ever again, at least for today. That's me pledge  & I'm sticking to it. Anyone care to join???

June - puff free since 6/7/2019


From: Eve1973


Good Morning June,

  I agree with you, the Nicodemon is definitely sneaky, but you need to keep your guard up at all times. So I will join you in saying NOPE, not one puff ever!

  Little confused about your post, did you slip? If so no worries, it can happen, just climb back on that horse and put more distance between you and the Nicodemon! If you didn’t....sorry about that. 

  But no matter the circumstances that we are feeling, anxiety,anxiousness, depression, boredom, stress......whatever, we are STRONGER TOGETHER! 

Have a fantastic Friday and weekend! 

Eve 1/30/2020


From: June2019


no, Eve - I did not slip this time!  (but i started smoking after2 quits years ago, so i know it can happen which is why i'm not taking this one for granted & staying aware)



From: Eve1973


Cool! Yes it’s the “Just one” mentality that does us in! I have quit numerous times, usually only lasted a couple months. But I have never ever gotten this far nor did I have the education that this forum provided in learning about my addiction. Prior quits I always had that feeling of “when” will I succumb to the urges, craves.....boredom? Now like you I’m hugging this Quit with all my might. Good for you! 

Hugs back


From: kittymom413


Hello, ladies,

Gratefully joining you to pledge NOPE on this beautiful, but chilly Friday. You're both so right about the "just one" thoughts. I have been smoke free since 09/25/2015 & a couple weeks ago I actually had a craving! I was blown away. It only lasted a second or two, but man oh man, it came on like a tidal wave. Just goes to prove your point...you can never let your guard down, we are all addicts & that will never change. That is one of the reasons I still come here almost every day to make my pledge. I never want to fall for the demons lies ever again & I lean on my forum family for support, and, hopefully, support others in the process.

Pledging NOPE for all the world to hear...who wants to join us? Here, take my hand...we really are stronger together!!

Have an amazing smoke free day, everyone,


Kitty cat