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I can't figure this thing out   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Dec-19 by EllenSW; 699 views.

From: Moskus999


Me too I am new to the Forum my screen name Moskus999, My name is Malaya, I do not find this site user Friendly. Don't know where my Post is. Currently a smoker really would like some coaching or speak with other people. Don't have a clue how to navigate. Hang in there maybe something better out their for us. Good Luck Ellen


From: Jaka38


I know this forum is frustrating from time to time. You couldn't be more right about that joy We were all struggling with that, lost some posts and-or time etc. Perhaps that's made on purpose to keep you occupied joy Seriously, if you could ignore technical issues, it's the best community here you can find on a internet if you want to quit smoking for good. For me this forum was a life saver and I think I am not the only one. So stay here and post a lot and you'll find out pretty quickly that you are not alone. Stay strong 

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