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Mood swings!   General Chit-Chat

Started Jan-3 by soph2021; 391 views.

From: soph2021


I am on day 3. I have patches on my arm and the detox on my physical body is strong. I am 32 and I smoke on average around 60 cigs a day. I’ve been smoking since I was 13 and found myself chain smoking all day, every day over the last 6 years or so. 
I am trying SO hard to control my moods... I have 3 kids and 2 under 2 ... I’m getting periods of time where I am angry, irritated and stressed out. I feel depressed (normally a very happy and positive person) and as the days go on it’s getting easier and easier for my brain to justify all my excuses of why I should just smoke again... because I don’t like the person I am right now. I am meditating when I crave... I am sleeping earlier... I am drinking tons of water and have a very low MG vape pen on hand for when it feels too much!... I am STRUGGLING 


From: TinyBadger


Not to worry, most of go through this. I'm on day 7 and just snapped at my husband for something stupid. I bet almost everyihere can tell a tale of when their mood suddenly shifted and they said or did something they shouldn't have, or is uncharacteristic for them. You have a lot of pressure, with kids and how much you smoked. Please be strong! You are doing some great things. Even if it feels like you don't like yourself right now, you're going to be so proud of yourself as the days go by. This will pass. If you feel like things are getting out of control, maybe your physician could give you an antidepressant or some such. You are not alone, I promise! Post here when you are ready to lose your mind to get support, we're here for you. People here understand and know that you are doing your best and in the end this will pay off. 


From: gkim


You’d have to check with your doctor first before doing this but a friend of mine put two patches to fight the withdrawals. Obviously, weaning off will take longer but I’d talk to your doctor about it if the symptoms persists. You are stronger than you think. Good luck. Today is 2 months for me. I didn’t think I could do even a day. 

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From: SusanK1960


Two months is fantastic GKim!  Good for you!

I have attached an article that made a huge impact on me at two months and beyond.  If I ever began to think about having a puff, I would mindfully think of this article and my journey wasn’t so bad.



From: gkim


Oh wow! That brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!


From: StruggleHard


Hi - I'm not on here much but wanted to see how you were doing.  I hope you kept going after Day 3.  I don't have answers, but I will tell you that for a good 6 weeks or so, maybe longer, I vacillated between huge depression, sadness and anger.  I was crawling out of my skin for awhile.  The depression part was awful, I've never felt like that (and I'm not super sunny normally) and I feel for anyone who struggles with that all the time.  I have a punching bag that didn't get much usage for the years I've had it, until the quit.  Then it got quite a lot of usage and beating something really helped me.  I'm not saying it was easy.  But being able to physically beat something helped me with my rage/anger/stress.  Going for walks helped, too, but hitting helped more :)

Hang in there - I'm pulling for you.