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Green tea?   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jan-18 by MJoe79; 234 views.

From: MJoe79



I am preparing to quit on January 26th.  One thing I've read a lot about in terms of helping with nicotine cravings is drinking green tea?  I'm not a tea drinker but I don't have a problem trying something out plus it sounds like it would be good for my health.  Does anyone here purposely drink green tea for nicotine withdrawal reasons?

Also, I get having something to suck on (like hard candy) and cinnamon (spelling) sticks pops up constantly when I Google stuff.  Do any of you specifically use cinnamon sticks?  

Thanks everyone for your input.  I am actively trying to put together my Quit plan, knowing I can't prepare for everything, but well, it makes me feel better to "work on it".  

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From: Eve1973


I personally have not heard about the green tea....but hey it’s definitely worth a shot! 

I tried the cinnamon gum in a past quit, for ME it just made me crave smoking more. This time I just stuck with reg gum. Again everyone is different, so maybe just have regular gum ready. I also buy by the bag and save little pill bottles and put in there. Also stick in every coat pocket lol. Saves money by bag. Another thing people do is cut straws cig size and chew, suck on that.(not being mean)

it sounds like you are preparing. But if you don’t have the urge to smoke with medication, don’t.....i didn’t plan my “date” just had no urge and stopped.....then realized I had 8 hours without and just kept going! 

Best to you

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From: Lubbercat


I don't know about the green tea but, I have stuck to Ice Breakers that are no calories and sometimes I will do the mint flavor and sometimes I will do the sours but, the stronger flavors do tend to help me when I am having a craving.