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Eve ONE YEAR!!!   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Jan-30 by Loreficent; 533 views.

From: Loreficent




Wow. Wow, wow, wow. Who would have thought it, right? Well, my goodness what a hell of a fight you fought, and WON! heart_eyesblushkissing_heart

I’m really really proud of you Eve. You have been an amazing source of support and a strong and positive influence for so many folks here. I do see how you planned your one year anniversary to land on a Saturday to assist with the celebrating big time, lol!! 
So do you have your key picked out? What are your celebration plans? Demolishing more ceilings?? Hahaha!

Love ya Eve and I hope you embrace this day with such proudness and sense of accomplishment. Was a lot of bobbing and weaving along the way, but look where you ended up!!! Now I gotta figure out how to get rid of all these spaces! joy


Also, why doesn’t increasing the font make the emoji’s bigger??? Wah!


From: gkim


Oh wow!! Congratulations! One year is just fantastic!!


From: euknight


Yay Eve!!  I am soooo proud of you!”  Hard to believe it...one year and what a milestone it is.  Gosh you have worked hard, girl and have been a literal blessing sent to me personally and the tribe for sure.

Hope you are enjoying a nice celebratory evening as you totally deserve it!  Cool thing about one year is you get to tell everybody it is possible!  I know when I get there it will still be a challenge! Maybe always.  I am up to the challenge.

I applaud you for your honesty and openness about this journey which is totally not easy.     Thank you, my sweet friend. Many congrats!!,





From: Eve1973


Thanks Ladies! 

It has definitely been a very tough year in many different aspects. So I was having a conversation with my sister, she still smokes.... she stopped for 5 days, because she had a cold, and even realized that she was less stressed because cigs are a stimulant and still went back. I said your an idiot.....I can say that to her, she my sister.....she agreed though lol. I said all the nicotine was out of your body, and because she was sick she basically slept through the 1st 3days. Now she is praying for another cold. 

I know everyone is different in their quit, but the “peace” has not totally come to me, but the days have definitely been strung together.....and has been getting easier. I know this year has been a roller coaster ride of emotions, therefore I may have times later on to stress me out, but because of this forum, My quit buddies and also my tribe, I have succeeded to make it this far ..... and because of you this is a win for you too. You will be here soon joining me and I can’t wait to celebrate with you! 

We had a very nice dinner out, with a few drinks. Great lil place in “old New Castle Delaware” just so nice to eat out. I even put my red boots. So ladies we have climbed the mountain, and I’m waiting for you at the top! Hugs!

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From: Eve1973


Thank so much......it is definitely worth the ride! 


From: DanJF3


Great job Eve!  Congratulations on one year!

This past year has been a crazy one for everybody but you got through it smoke free.  I know what you mean about the "peace" but definitely acknowledge and celebrate the fact that you have this important accomplishment and hopefully some day it will come.  I'm not 100% there either but life is way better since I stopped smoking.

Keep that positive momentum going into year 2!

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From: Eve1973


I am Dan......I know that one day soon that “peace” will come. It’s definitely has been a crazy year.....if we can get through this, we can do almost anything.......I know you aren’t on here much......but when you get the peace.....let me know. Just curious. Some days I actually have it, but the next day is a thinking about it day....you know? When I link a month together.....then maybe I can say the peace arrived. 

Just an FYI......Lore will be a year on the 24th. 


From: DanJF3


Hi Eve,

Really I think your experience has been a lot like mine.  There are moments where smoking sounds good but they are just random thoughts and sometimes pop up when I am having a good day and sometimes less good days.  There seems to be no pattern but it's all good, they are just thoughts not actions.

Thanks for the info about Lore!  You are both a part of my support system which maybe is what I was missing on all those previous failed attempted in the past?  I was very skeptical when I quit that connecting with others online would actually help but I also knew that taking the same "willpower" approach by myself wasn't going to get it done.  Keep hanging in there and stay in the moment!


From: Jaka38


Wow, congratulations joyclapheart_eyestadamuscle

Is it a year already? That goes fast. So I guess now it's no big deal anymore or do you still have some cravings occasionally? 

Great that you beat that addiction. Have  a  great another smoking free year joy

And all the best wink


From: Eve1973


Hi Dan,

   Yes I absolutely believe that the failed attempts in past is because of no support. Believe me I am so happy to have had this sight.....I would have failed again if I didn’t! I know it! Just knowing others are experiencing what we did is like a light bulb went off and said if others can get through it, I can too.

Yep still have thoughts just like you and some are easy to dismiss and others not. I feel like you.....no “peace” yet, but I have gotten this far.....I am NOT going back. 

So let’s keep plugging along, and eventually we will have the peace we deserve! I think a lot of the peace time frame maybe the amount smoked, amount of years, and the amount of addicted. So some people may feel the peace sooner. 

Happy February! Have a great day!

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