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February 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here!   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 57096 views.

From: MDS27


Day 3 today - 5 days behind you! Keep it up!


From: Eve1973


Oh yelling at yourself.......I never did that.......just kidding! I absolutely did! Omg this is so normal. Wait til you have the full blown conversation about why you shouldn’t smoke. The reasoning part. Haha. 

Keep it up. Good job


From: Allamer1980


You will look back and realize...I did these things just to satisfy my addiction for nicotine. I started to laugh because I wasn’t fully aware while smoking/chewing. Your mind wants to avoid and think it’s normal. But as Eve said above, that’s called bargaining. Just trying to get that one or sneak one in when it will just start you over. You need to accept, that part of the phase. It will pass

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From: overdoze


sounds good to me..

Overdoz quit January 4th, 2021


From: Glammy2016


I use this app. It tracks my quit down to tge second. It gives health info and inspirariin to. Pretty cool. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.despdev.quitsmoking


From: overdoze


thats pretty cool, lets not forget those seconds....lol. 

I have been thinking back to a time when things were more different... This is one of the only social networking sites i go to, so i can try to see what is happening to society from the outside. I think we have all become paranoid....

Have a smoke free day you all..


From: TheNewErin


Today I am two weeks smoke free (the longest I have ever gone). I had been a pack a day smoker for the last 25 years. Hoping this year is my year of focusing on health. Already this forum is helping a lot. I have hit that 'when does this get easier mentality.' Now I'm trying to refocus the way I think about addiction.

Wishing you all a happy smoke free day!


From: gkim


Good for you Erin! Keep going. It does get easier. I’m just over three months. Just remember: smoking is not an option!


From: Nope62



Two weeks of not smoking is great. It gets easier mentally everyday that you stay quit. After 25 years your brain is really accustom to having it's fix of nicotine. The first time you denied your brain that fix of nicotine, it didn't understand why. Now after two weeks you have forced your brain to except the fact that it is not going to get it's way. You are taking back the control of your brain from the nicotine. It has to rewire itself, and it will over time. You should already be noticing that your cravings are getting further apart and less intense. This will continue to be the case, as long as you don't smoke. One puff will send you back the other way.

Keep Up the Good Work!


From: TheNewErin


Thank you Nope62 & gkim!! 

Today I felt surprisingly good, so hoping for a repeat tomorrow. I hope you are both feeling comfortable and good in your quit. It's hard, really freaking hard at times, but I do think we can all do it if we dig deep.

Do either of you have any must read 'understanding smoking/addiction books' I should get?

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