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February 2021 Ex-Smokers - Start Here!   Quit Buddies Unite

Started 1/31/21 by Terry (abquitsmking); 36679 views.

From: Glammy2016


I use this app. It tracks my quit down to tge second. It gives health info and inspirariin to. Pretty cool. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.despdev.quitsmoking


From: overdoze


thats pretty cool, lets not forget those seconds....lol. 

I have been thinking back to a time when things were more different... This is one of the only social networking sites i go to, so i can try to see what is happening to society from the outside. I think we have all become paranoid....

Have a smoke free day you all..


From: TheNewErin


Today I am two weeks smoke free (the longest I have ever gone). I had been a pack a day smoker for the last 25 years. Hoping this year is my year of focusing on health. Already this forum is helping a lot. I have hit that 'when does this get easier mentality.' Now I'm trying to refocus the way I think about addiction.

Wishing you all a happy smoke free day!


From: gkim


Good for you Erin! Keep going. It does get easier. I’m just over three months. Just remember: smoking is not an option!


From: Nope62



Two weeks of not smoking is great. It gets easier mentally everyday that you stay quit. After 25 years your brain is really accustom to having it's fix of nicotine. The first time you denied your brain that fix of nicotine, it didn't understand why. Now after two weeks you have forced your brain to except the fact that it is not going to get it's way. You are taking back the control of your brain from the nicotine. It has to rewire itself, and it will over time. You should already be noticing that your cravings are getting further apart and less intense. This will continue to be the case, as long as you don't smoke. One puff will send you back the other way.

Keep Up the Good Work!


From: TheNewErin


Thank you Nope62 & gkim!! 

Today I felt surprisingly good, so hoping for a repeat tomorrow. I hope you are both feeling comfortable and good in your quit. It's hard, really freaking hard at times, but I do think we can all do it if we dig deep.

Do either of you have any must read 'understanding smoking/addiction books' I should get?

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From: Loreficent


Hey Erin,

Congratulations on your decision! I love how you said we are all capable if we dig deep. Yup. We can really surprise ourselves at times when we dig deep. Often pleasantly so! I will tell you if you stick with this you will definitely feel a sense of empowerment. You start to realize the worst part was actually prior to quitting. The agony of waffling with it, beating ourselves up cause we know the inevitable losing game of roulette that we are playing. All of it. Just so much crap goes with being a smoker! So, keep going. Stay in the moment and day you’re in, and know that every night you go to bed not having smoked, you have won the day. 

On the bottom left, if you open all the subjects, there is a library tab. There are a ton of articles there that once you open a link, most of them go the site “Very Well Mind”. Quite a few are written by the host of this Forum, Terry. Educate yourself on this addiction as that knowledge and insight is power. At the bottom of whichever article there are links to many more. You can stay busy reading through craves for a good long while. Also, there is a site called “Why Quit” that has articles that I’ve found very helpful. Let me dig up a couple links for you. 
Stay strong and post whenever and how much ever you like. You will find the support here invaluable for sure. Also, if you feel you’re close to caving, post an S.O.S. In the “Quit Support” tab and promise yourself you will wait for 3 replies. The crave will pass. Always. Whether you smoke or not, so...don’t!!!

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From: Suzy2018


Hi everyone,

I'm Suzy, from the UK.  I've been here a few times before - 2008, 2010, a brief flirtation in 2013, and then 2018, where I really thought I'd made it.  But I didn't - I thought I could control it and had 'just one'. 

I'm aiming NOT to make that mistake again, and I'd just like to say that it wasn't from lack of support on this forum. This place is awesome, and will look after you through thick and thin.  If you let it.  But I stopped reading the articles, I didn't 'keep my quit green', as they say. I thought I knew better.  And so here I am, coughing and wheezing, just stubbed out my last cigarette, and looking forward to meeting you all.  



From: Cazza2468


Well Miz Suzy so lovely to see you here.  Welcome welcome welcome.  Hope you can stay awhile. Ms Denim just organised the best party for me. There was so much food and great cocktails and incredible music and she will be so pleased to see you here too


CC to Denim50

From: Suzy2018


Thank you, Missis Caz and Denim.  I'm looking forward to being less stupid this time. So glad you had a lovely party, Caz - you deserve it. xx

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