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Reward System by the week   Quit Stories and Journals

Started Feb-17 by 2020Willow; 97 views.

From: 2020Willow



I have tried several times in the past to quit. Always gone back to smoking. I've been a smoker for over 35 years. In the past when I've quit it's been because I was in the hospital ill (smoking agitated) and would literally have the life scared out of me about smoking. So I would quit, the scare would wear off, and I would once again return to smoking. Until this time. This time I quit for me. I chose my quit day as my birthday,  December the 31, 2020. That was a crappy year all the way around, so I decided I was going to leave the crap in 2020. It is now mid February, and Thursday I will be celebrating seven weeks smoke free. I use the patch as my quit aid. However, I have adopted a rewards system to further motivate me along. I figured up a week what I was spending in cigarettes, and I take that money and reward myself with something small for each additional week that I make it smoke free. My first week I rewarded myself with a vintage teacup from a flea market. The second week l bought myself another. By The end of the first month I had a nice vintage tea set. I celebrate everyday by making me a pot of tea using my set. The past three weeks my rewards shifted to a room make over for my spiritual room. First a new tablecloth, then a hanging lamp, and this coming week new curtains. I figured this one will take me another month to complete. The things I purchase week by week as my reward are small and stay within the budget of what it would have cost me for cigarettes. I've heard it said that to stop smoking is largely psychological, more than physical. So for me seeing the little rewards around my house for my week by week accomplishments has been a great quit aid. It keeps me motivated. I also find when the urge gets accelerated with stress, a cold glass of water often helps.

I find it hard, when I have to go around people who know I've quit smoking, and they will still just light up in front of me. So now I'm finding myself distanting more and more away from some family and friends. I also fine that I am now getting to the place where I can smell stale cigarette smoke on other people's clothes, and ultimately the smell makes me sick.

I'm determined to continue on my journey, but this time I'm doing it for myself, and because it's what I chose   I found that this is what has empowered me to make this my final time to stop smoking. If I have to be honest, my little reward system does motivate me, but my will to live motivated me more. I don't cough, or wheeze, or fall short of breath like before.

The biggest hurdle was admitting I had/have an addiction to nicotine. So In treating it as an addiction, I set out to find support. That brought me here. I also use a quit smoking app that allows me to stay on track.

Blessings to all.


From: gkim


Oh my goodness, what a fantastic idea! Why didn’t I think of that! The spiritual room sounds great and how awesome will it be to spend time in there. 
Congratulations on your quit! You sound strong and committed. You will make it! Smoking friends are no help. You know, they’re addicted. I agree you have to distance yourself, at least for now. I’m in my third month smoke free. Come and read and post. Please keep me posted!!