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Day6. New to forum.   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Feb-28 by 12bonh20; 392 views.

From: 12bonh20


This is tough but I don’t want to go through the last 6 days ever again


From: gkim


Welcome! You won’t have to go through it again if you keep the quit. In the beginning because what I went through the first week was so fresh on my mind it was a huge motivator for me too. Really lousy week. Your body just doesn’t know what to do. The worst is over. 

im sure you’ll receive tons of advice from the oldies - they know where to go to get educated. Knowing the facts really help. I also found reading other people’s experiences really helpful too. 

I’m in my third month. Frankly, I don’t know how I got here. Didn’t think I could. You can do it too!!


From: dellsmate


hey there, im on day 8 and join you on that thought of never wanting to go through that again. I wish I had taken the time to journal it all.  Ive had some massive freaky dreams when I leave the patch on at night.  I find this site hard to join the March quitters club so just jump around and find other people about the same part of the journey as me. I love it when you are in a situation where you cant smoke, and you just dont feel like one anyway. That used to be my most annoying thing about smoking was feeling uncomfortable doing it in areas that it really wasnt a good look. Lets see if we can celebrating doubling our days. Small steps. Keep going :)


From: Nope62



       Yes, I sometimes find it hard to navigate this site. I just check around through the threads and pick up on what I can. I'm sure there is a system, I just don't understand it.

        You are doing Great. I remember talking to you when you first quit. I very happy that you are sticking with it. The one for sure way you can avoid going through all you have been through this last eight days is to keep your quit and realize how precious it is. About the patches. I have used them. They have worked very well for me. But I have the same problem as you, weird dreams at night. I learned to take it off about 30 minutes before going to bed and then put a new one on as soon as I get up in the morning.

Good Luck!