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EX smokers   General Chit-Chat

Started Mar-1 by Bella (Isabella308); 283 views.

Their may come a time when you look at it with "PLEASE TAKE IT SOME PLACE ELSE"

They walked me to the ambulance...

Dressed me in medical garb at the ER.

That is all I remember

They told my husband she may not make it. I was in ICU on life support. I was their on it for 7 days.

I woke up by the grace of God and have not smoked since. They did take me into a room and show me what the pumped out of me. I did it to myself...I was addicted bad. When I mean bad it was horrible ..The more I wanted to quit the more I smoked. Thought it was a nerve pill fix me "GARBAGE". I can't stand to smell the stuff. Not one person had respect enough for me to not smoke in the same room.When I came out of the hospital .I did look every where,,,, I saw folks still smoking in their cars. "NOT EVERYONE" lol it just seems like that at first. I had to struggle losing weight and being told ..I was a diabetic etc. Seeing the doctors report OBESITY which runs in my family...plus Type 2 Diabeties,,,

It is a nast addiction just like DRUGS!   Once you quit stuff starts to smell nice and fresh air is great....Everything taste very good... GOOD LUK AND GOD BLESS Y'all



From: gkim


Bella, thanks for sharing. What a scary incident. So glad you quit. We start smoking for one reason or another then we’re addicted so we tell ourselves how smoking helps us get through life. I hope you are recovered and doing well.

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My sister said I was spared to to take care of my grand children. My grand daughter's they are now 12 and 16 and going on 17. The thing is once you quit you have a new lease on life.....I struggled taking care of the 3 girls. I love those girls dearly......Iwill not pick up want to see them all graduate.



From: turtles


How long are you quit?