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NOPE Pledge, Friday 16th April 2021   General Chit-Chat

Started Apr-15 by Jatchat; 874 views.

From: Eve1973


Happy Friday all!

Today I am joining in the NOPE PLEDGE! Not one puff ever!


From: blackbird912


I am cancer free!  My lungs look good!  I had a ct scan on my liver the other day and thankful it turned out ok.  Every 6 months I will be getting ct scans on lung and liver. There is a small amount of fluid around my heart. Dr is not alarmed although having it checked out.  For as many years as I smoked I am not surprised with any of this.  Nothing like another health scare to keep from smoking.  Crazy, how addiction works and the mind games.  I have been smoking 50 years on and off.  I might have a total of 6 years out of the 50 years of not smoking.  Sure hope I can make this one stick.   It seems that a few months into a quit and I talk myself into smoking——just one.   like we all know that doesn’t work.  Such a evil little white stick, isn’t it?

How many times have you quit?  What possessed you to quit?


From: MartiJB


NOPE for me today.

Chris, so thankful about your scan results!!


From: euknight


Joining you all in the Nope pledge!!  Glad to see you are back on the horse, Anthony!!  You as well Overdose.  Yay on the report, Chris.

Keep up the good work everyone!!   One day at a time smoke free.  You can do this!




From: blackbird912


Wow Peggy,  looks like you almost have a year of recovery!  You go girl!  And thanks!  I can breath for another 6 months until the next scans.


From: oxanquits


I tried to quit shortly after I started to smoke, many times, but it never happened. I could smoke 1 pack in 2 hours, one cig after another and together with alcohol. Almost every day of the week, so I started to find it sick. I was wasting my time and earning future health problem. That's my reason to quit, take back control of my time, body and become true to myself as I never liked smoking.

I didn't smoke long time comparing to others here (above 11 yrs I think), I feel I was not good enough smoker sometimes haha and that it's easy for me to quit, which might be true. But for years it felt impossible to do.

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From: boylant22


Oh I am sorry to hear that Anthony, but am so glad you found your strength to start your quit again. Such a wicked disease this is to constantly fight to keep us within its grips.  44 days will be here again before you know it and you will win the war. Much encouragement to you in both your physical recovery and refreshed quit!