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What is your body experiencing   General Chit-Chat

Started Aug-24 by leaka32; 375 views.

From: leaka32


How does your body feel now that you have stop smoking? I know that I’m breathing better but it seems like my throat and mouth are a little dry now. Also I have notice that I’m am eating too much now that I don’t smoke. What are you experiencing?


From: Loreficent


Skin is so much brighter! 
Oh my where to begin…so many positive things really. I’m happy to see you pondering this. Focus on the positives. You aren’t giving up anything of any value for sure, and there is only gain to be had.

You are doing great!

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Hi Leaka

Well lets see...I am at day 19 today...I haven't had one coughing spell...and am breathing much better...hubby and i went for a walk...and i didnt get tired after a block...and i didnt break into a sweat...so was very pleasantly surprised!  ended up walking a mile and 1/2!  

At first my face broke out super bad..maybe it was the chemicals leaving my body..but that has cleared up.

Yes I find i am hungrier, but I have been keeping myself stocked up in fresh veggies and fruit...and I have Ranch dressing that is made out of greek yogurt...so every day..am chopping up snacks for myself...(i am not getting on the scale for now, LOL)  Those do very well in keeping me full...as does ice water!  




From: xvaper


I am almost two months in.

My energy levels are way up.

I am less depressed or stressed out.

I feel free from slavery.

my skin is glowing.

I went upstate and enjoyed breathing the fresh air of nature without the taste of tobacco in my mouth.

I no longer have to worry about my breath, or the smell of my fingers and my clothes. I don't have to rush to brush my teeth, chew gum and rub my fingers with soap every time I smoke.

I do not have to lie to people about smoking, or how much I smoke, or worry about my clothes or house smelling when I meet a new person or I have a new person coming to the house.

Those are the benefits you will get. 

 I put on a little weight because I went all out, but I'm now eating regularly and the weight is coming off slowly. If you put on some weight at the beginning its not the end of the world, whats important is that you are not smoking. With time you will lose it again if you eat sensibly again.


From: oxanquits


Hi, I didn’t have dry mouth when I quit, but I did eat a lot. Don’t worry about it, you can gain weight without smoking too. It’s dangerous to relate quitting smoking to weight gain as it might lead to junky thinking that if you smoke you’ll be slimmer. It’s a lie. I lost weight few month after quit because I went outside a lot and did stuff. Also I gain weight 5 month into my quit because I ate a lot and didn’t go out. 
Your body will feel better if you don’t smoke, if it doesn’t it’s not the quitting fault, or it’s temporary. Be patient with yourself!