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Quit seson.. Again.    Health Support and Encouragement

Started Sep-12 by Krisitover; 452 views.
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From: Krisitover


Hi Thanks for the nice answer I am in the process of changing cigarettes, from strong to weak and different brands. I want to make myself sick of smoking ... But I must explain myself because I have a strong motivation and my will is armed with a decision. I realize after reflection that if I do not quit and fall ill (knock on) I will say to myself "I wish I quit smoking " if I quit, I will have a clear conscience though. Also, I read reading, I plan to change the patterns accompanying smoking, and I have this forum just in case. Yes it's true ... "paying tobacco companies to kill yourself"! Regards Krzysztof (Poland)


From: oxanquits


Hi back from Poland, Krzysztof :) 

So which season are You now, smoking from fall to spring or not?

Making decision is very important, even though you can’t see result yet, it will help You be smoke free eventually, find right tools and approaches for you. Every quit is different.

Having many reasons to quit listed helps too, I like your previous note that you could make nice present for your wife (or both of you) for the money saved. That’s impact you can plan and see in short term and it will keep you motivated more than some possible desease in the future. But it’s cool you think of such possibility early too. Good luck.



From: xvaper


Hi Krzysztof, like oXanquit said the decision to quit is the first, very important step. I may be wrong but I sense you may be afraid to quit, or the quitting process. Changing cigarettes brand won’t do any good, because you will still be inhaling the same poisons regardless of the strength. Or you will smoke more of the weak ones to get the same amount of nicotine you are used to.

 I say jump into the quit. What do you have to lose? If you already decided to quit, there is no reason to wait any longer to rid yourself of this horrible addiction. Your life will change for the better I promise you.