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Ex smoker for 6 years and relapsed smoking for 5 years   Quit Support

Started Sep-27 by Lee.T; 1885 views.

From: oxanquits


You’ve got it already, just the matter of some discipline :) You can’t hide from us haha joking. Please come here at the pick moments, remember the only one rule (easy ;)) and you should be fine.

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From: RTCMOM08


Hi Lee....I have a story like yours....this forum helped me quit the first time in 2005.  I was completely quit for about 5 years....then I was good for a few years just smoking once in a while....when with friends who smoke....then bam I was back to being a full time smoker!   In 2013  I watched my 67 year old Mom... die from COPD...how can I still be smoking!?!?! That's how powerful it is!!! I have beat myself up mentally everyday for the last few years and I could not find the strength or will power to get through even 1 day not smoking!!! On Monday I went to a hypnotist and havent smoked since....it is still a massive struggle. Having a tough time emotionally tonight but so glad I found this forum....it worked once hopefully it will work again.  Wishing you luck too!


From: Lee.T


Thank you so much for your msg. It seems to be getting better as the days go and know I'm going to have those odd urges creep up on me when they do but I will fight them as and when they appear. I am day 16 today and not sure how long you have quit but I truly wish you all the success and pray you use your strength to say no to any urges or those silly mind tricks making you think you need a smoke.. All the best we can do it