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Smokers Around You   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Oct-6 by Oeranda; 536 views.

From: Oeranda



I quit smoking 3 weeks ago! Yay!

I sit in a small office that I share with 3 other ladies. 2 of them smoke in the office. I feel like I want to die, it's literally hard to breath and I smell like smoke permanently.

How do you cope with people that smoke around you?


From: Lubbercat



This is a really hard situation......my spouse smokes and some times it is overwhelming trying to NOT smoke!  I am just past 9 weeks now and it does get easier.......I also have a boss that smokes (small office) that is right next to me and I see her go out all the time for her breaks.  I try feeling bad for her when it is really hot or she is not feeling well or it is raining but still has to go out.  With my spouse, sometimes I literally have to leave the house, or go walk on the treadmill or take a shower/bath/ or wash dishes so my hands are wet.......You can always come on here and type.....vent......yell!

Diana (DianaSaigo)

From: Diana (DianaSaigo)


Yay you for making the decision to quit...and you are in a tough situation.  Not understanding being able to smoke indoors at a company...is it possible to open a window?  and maybe bring a portable fan...pointed at them to help keep the smoke away from you.  Also i know at one point..they used to sell smokeless ashtrays..to cut down on the amount of smoke in the office.  

I wish you tons of luck!




From: Oeranda


It's a home office.. And our boss smokes in her house, and sadly also the office. There are 2 small windows, mine is always open, she closes her because she gets cold easily. I have tried a desk fan, they don't like it much. It makes the cold... But I am thinking of moving to another company anyway, I don't feel the need to smoke. I just can't take the smell and not being able to breathe anymore.

Thank you for your comment.

Love from Namibia,



From: Oeranda


Hey Lubbercat!

Oh my goodness, I would be screwed if my husband smoked. Why do you try to keep your hands wet?  Thanks for your support, though.

Hope you have a lovely weekend!



From: Anne2020


Second hand smoke is just as lethal as first hand smoke.  Personally, I would find a new job.    

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From: xvaper


What place of work allows smoking in the office in 2021 United States? Even in a home office. If this was in NYC they would shut her down post haste, you cannot employ anyone in a smokey environment. She would totally get sued here and go bankrupt. 

Congrates on three weeks! It got better for me after the first three.

Now that you are experiencing smoking from the outside so to speak it is disgusting isn't it? I chime with Anne, if you can, get another gig, its not worth sacrificing your health to this job.