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Started 8/22/15 by Terry (abquitsmking); 20167 views.

From: peggygris


6 days smoke free. I am new here today and a novice with forums.

Hi peggy,

Congratulations on 6 days smoke free.  This forum is just the place for you to get the support and encouragement you need. The link below is for everyone who quit smoking in January.  You will find friendly quit buddies and an extensive library on nicotine addiction.   This place made the difference for me in being able to quit after 40 years of smoking and in staying quit.  Jump in, post and read.

An Overview of Quitting Smoking


From: Beano66


Hi Marge,

I've just this minute joined. My user name is Beano66 but my real name is Andy. My stop date is tomorrow. Can you give me any advice about using this forum, please? 

ModMarge (slowblumer)

From: ModMarge (slowblumer)


Hi there Andy,

Welcome to the forum. Congrats on deciding to quit smoking.  Take your time and get used to the forum.  You were successful in posting a message.  For your information, the January Ex-Smoker thread will open in the morning so look out for it to appear right under the Discussions column on the left.  In the meantime read everything you possibly can.  Education on nicotine addiction is key to success along with support from our wonderful community of Ex-Smokers.  

Practical Tips for Your First Smoke-Free Week

Updated November 19, 2015. You may feel like you're on a roller coaster during the first couple of weeks of smoking cessation. Whether you use a quit aid of some sort or go cold turkey, you're going to feel some discomforts due to nicotine withdrawal.

An Overview of Quitting Smoking

 Do These Things Before You Stop Smoking

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From: Beano66


Thanks for your reply, Marge!

I'll do as you suggest.

Happy New Year from Bonnie Scotland!

Happy New new to you too, Beano from Scotland.  Here is the link I was telling you about yesterday.

ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Andy

I've just seen your posts to Marge.  How are you doing?  I do hope that you are managing to start your quit today.

This Forum is definitely the right place to get information and support about quitting and the more we have of both, the better are our chances of quitting.  

Do come join the January 2018 Quitters' group.  As I live in Spain - retired here from England - I'm only one hour later than you so pretty much on the same time-line and should always be around when you are.

Read and post as much as you can and, well, just don't smoke.  You'll find so many helpful articles and tips here - I could not have quit without this Forum.  You can quit too.


From: starlettec


Bean066-I to am starting tomorrow.  Perhaps we can check in on each other and provide extra cheering or support


From: Beano66


I'd be happy to do that!

All the best,