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Started 8/22/15 by Terry (abquitsmking); 37087 views. (Closed)(Closed to new replies)
ModSue (VentasSue)

From: ModSue (VentasSue)


Hey Andy

I've just seen your posts to Marge.  How are you doing?  I do hope that you are managing to start your quit today.

This Forum is definitely the right place to get information and support about quitting and the more we have of both, the better are our chances of quitting.  

Do come join the January 2018 Quitters' group.  As I live in Spain - retired here from England - I'm only one hour later than you so pretty much on the same time-line and should always be around when you are.

Read and post as much as you can and, well, just don't smoke.  You'll find so many helpful articles and tips here - I could not have quit without this Forum.  You can quit too.


From: starlettec


Bean066-I to am starting tomorrow.  Perhaps we can check in on each other and provide extra cheering or support


From: Beano66


I'd be happy to do that!

All the best,



From: starlettec


We can and will do this~!!


From: Carknss


I am new to this board, actually just found it!  I quit 2/1/18 and have not had a single cigarette since then. I smoked a pack and a half for over 45 years and never thought I could do this after several attempts to quit. Now that I actually have quit for over 6 weeks, with the help of NRT. I am finding that I do not feel as good as I thought I would. Reading your input on feeling lousy for the first 3 months has been very helpful. I was feeling so lousy that I was starting to think that smoking would be better! Now I know it is only the process. I really don't want to smoke and ever go through this again! I now know that I need to go through this dark tunnel to see the light at the other end! Thanks for your info, it has helped me to remain smoke free. 


From: slowblumer


Hi Carknss,

Welcome to the forum and congrats on deciding to quit smoking.  6 weeks is wonderful.  The information here is the best so read as much as you can.  Quitting is a process and the way you feel right now is normal.  It will get better.

Here is a link to other February quitters:

Fighting February MustQuiteers 2018


From: Rassister


Welcome to the forum.  We have many people just like you and others who are quitting after 10 or so years smoking.  I am a 40+ year smoker as well and have tried to quit several times over the past three years.  Congratulations on your six week quit so far.  You are doing great.   I am  also using an NRT but did not quit until 2/25/2018.  Read and Write as much as you like.  Everyone is supportive on here but I probably know most people in the February and March groups.  This forum is my new addiction.  It keeps  me calm, makes me stop wanting to smoke and many times makes me laugh.  That is good for the soul.  

Welcome again.  See you soon.  

Terry (abquitsmking)

From: Terry (abquitsmking)


Hi Carknss,

Congratulations on 6 weeks!   Knowing what to expect as we recover from this addiction is key.  The road is bumpy for awhile, but it will smooth out eventually.  Your body and brain are being retrained to live without an addictive drug and all of the habits we built up around the use of it.  It takes time, but less than you might think.

Stay close to this forum and we'll help you turn 6 weeks into lasting freedom that is easy to maintain. :-)

Glad you found us!

Best, T.


From: slowblumer


Hi Dan,

I happened to be in this thread this morning and saw you again.  How is the quit going?

Looks like you are almost at 3 months.

raine (lorraineann)

From: raine (lorraineann)


Just spotted your post on here . From Scotland eh , that is pretty awesome ! Always wanted to make it there but thus far have not . See your username has 66 in it , that because you r born in 66 ? If so me too ! Hi is your quit coming along ! I hope this finds you well and enjoying being smokefree!