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Seven Months-Still wanting to smoke   Quit Support

Started Apr-26 by Marygold73; 4246 views.

From: strong1977


Hey there! 

I am ten years smoke free and I will tell you that on my fifth year i was still looking for that smoke but i would not give in, have i gained weight i have but i also loose the weight to, it all depends on how bad you want this I guess, because if your craving for a smoke then now is the time to put some exercise and a routine into your life. I found that when i concentrated on loosing weight more then smoking it got better for me, don't give in to smoking please, you can do this...i was a smoker a bad one, as i would smoke three packs of smokes per day  but i got rid of it and i have been without smoking for the last ten years, it does get better I promise, but you got to keep yourself busy 

if your really struggling add me and message me anytime you need to i will be here for you and help you to get thru this 

wishing you all the  best 


ten years smoke free 

Hi Andrew,

Hope you still doing well in your quit. You should have 2 months smoke-free now. I just celebrated 4 years smoke-free after smoking for 42 years. My mantra when I quit in July 2018 was "Smoking is NOT an option for me & I will NEVER buy another pack of cigs again." I had my "Reasons to Quit List". I pledged NOPE on this forum everyday. Stopping smoking is easy, staying quit requires work. My best advice: Just don't smoke TODAY....take it ONE day at a time. Then let the days add up. The first 3 weeks were the HARDEST. You are fighting a battle with Nicodemon. Put on your armor and FIGHT EVERYDAY. REFUSE to LOSE. Kick cig butt. TAKE IT ONE DAY AT A TIME....then do it again tomorrow. This forum's education and support helps. YOU CAN WIN...DON'T GIVE UP!!!!

Gloria J. - Freedom, Peace & Joy since 30 July 2018....How Sweet it is!!sunflowersunflowersunflower 


From: candrew


"I just don't smoke anymore" brief but effective for me. 

Yea, its 10 weeks and 4 days (quit date 4/20/22. Believe it or not the past week or so has been more difficult than the first 2 months. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not just a couple of months commitment but a lifetime decision that I need to stick to.

I have been smoking for so long that it only seems natural to grab one and light up, inhale and exhale.  Wow, what a feeling. It stands paramount in my mind as only a pleasure that I experienced 40 times a day. How much time did I waste? 40 X 5 minutes each cigarette 200 minutes divided by 60 minutes is per hour = 3.3 hours per day. If my calculations are right that is Incredible! 

Need I take it further? I believe the monthly cost would be close to $500. If I knew this when I first started smoking i definitely would not have even considered starting. 

So, I have ample reasons to quit. 

Food for thought,

Good day,



From: Loreficent


Hi Andrew,

You are getting close to the time frame called “No Man’s Land”. I was talking about that with Tony in another thread. It is a very common phenomenon and the time frame where many fall back into smoking. If you do a Google search and put in “no man’s land smoking” you will get links to discussions and a couple of articles. Like with the rest of this addiction, knowledge is power. Start reading about it now. If you know there are others with the same thing going on and are having the same struggle it helps to normalize it. That way it doesn’t become a huge thing in your mind for the addict part of the brain to take and run with. 
You can get through this. The only way to it is through it. It may help to start changing your minds eye view of yourself to that of a nonsmoker because now you are. 
This area of time is dangerous because you look back and see how far you’ve come. It is easy to tell yourself you can have one, just one, and be ok or be where you are still. Trust me. I know each and every one of those thoughts, rationalizations, longings, arguments, bargains, all of it. You. Can. Not. Have. Just. One.  Does that suck? For a few minutes maybe. Rewire. Take those thoughts and turn them around. “I wish I could smoke” can become “I’m so glad I don’t smoke!”. Maybe actually keep a small notebook handy and every time you have a thought of desire, put it into words, and then immediately think about how to turn it into a positive statement. Or post some of them on here! I know they will resonate with folks. Or if there is a particular one that you are having trouble finding a way to word it differently, post here and we can help. Could be fun!!! 

Let me know your thoughts on reading about No Man’s Land. I talked about it in a thread with Tony. Either the July 2022 thread or the To Me 2 thread.

Wow Lore... you hit that right on the head!  We let our guard down and the things that empowered us in the beginning don't seem so strong.  It is really a rough time!  It really is like a transition time that for those that come out the other end feel stronger getting through it.  You may not even realize it until some time after when you think "Wow I haven't thought about smoking for XX" (5 min, 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day...etc.)  And there really does come a day that you don't care about it at all and are sad that it took so much of your life away.  I remember being in an airport with my daughter when she was like 7 and I was in the "Smoker's Room" and she was on the other side of the glass inhaling all that crap.  Or all the times I smoked in the car with her in the backseat.  Makes me feel so incredibly sad that I subjected her to that.

Anyway...got off on a tangent again.  Sorry.  But, my dear, you speak the total TRUTH in your post!!

Andrew:  Hang in there and push through this time!  You can do it!

CC to candrew

From: candrew


Thanks for the wisdom and encouragement.

Good day (and many more)



From: candrew



I did Google "No Mans Land Smoking". It came up with a number of links that I looked at. Interesting.

No worry, Lori, I am still going strong. Not even a thought today, but tomorrow is, of course, another day. Staying busy with my kitchen project. Not going as planned, a bit stressed out.

Been hotter than last summer here in Central Florida. Took my walk at 7:30 this morning and it was 89 degrees with 80% humidity, I felt like a wet noodle. I go to water aerobics after my walk for 30 minutes, 3X a week. 

I started a post today with the statement "Yipee I am a non-smoker today" and that I was looking forward to starting 1023 as a non-smoker. I am definitely excited about the prospect of being free from bondage, but I don't want to seem overconfident. I know what has happened in the past due to a "whim".

Your wire analogy makes me think of a robot programmed to react as if it were instructed to respond to stimuli. I guess we are all programmed by external influences that are beyond our control, subconscious responses or something like that. 

I keep a journal that I use to check in with my thoughts and feelings about everything including smoking issues. I talk about triggers and other personal things that affect me. It is helpful to remember stuff that I might have forgotten. I have been doing this for over 40 years.

I am grounded in the notion that just one puff will put me right back where I have been my entire adult life. No thanks, I don't wish to go there ever again.




From: Anne2020


Even in the war days, soldiers would 'light em if ya got em' as a break.