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Day 1again!   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started 5/5/22 by Devildog2147; 14418 views.

From: Jerthie123


Thank you Andrew! I saw the outline of your message. I will read it tomorrow, as I am getting to bed now. Thank you for sharing your story with me!

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From: tonypfan


Good evening, forum members :  Just checking in.  I remain smoke free.  A bit scared that it has been so easy.  So when is the shoe gonna fall off?  Know what I mean?  My breath is coming back.  I’m not gaining weight.  More energy.  No more slinking around.  No more slavery.  

Thanks in advance for your continued support.  Some of you, like Loreficent, are so wise in their postings and definitely reassure my decision to Quit.  To all of you, thank you for guarding me with your lives.  

Great job Anthony!  Just take it one day at a time.  That's all any of us at any stage of this can really do.  Even after 4 years, there's no telling that something could cause me to take one puff and I'd be back at Day 1 again.  The urges are obviously very small now, but I wouldn't be the first person this has happened to and I will continue to fight to stay smoke free.


From: tonypfan


How true, Cindi.  If we are not vigilant and if don’t do our daily due diligence, why, low and behold, we are all susceptible to relapse.  So for sure we must guard our thoughts.  


From: Rassister


Hello Liz,

Congratulations on your tenth year quit.  I remember you from 2015 when I was attempting to quit for good soon after my granddaughter was born.  You provide much support and encouragement to me.  Unfortunately, it took me three more years to get my mindset straight!  You were still there in 2018 encouraging others to finally put down the cigarettes.  It has been almost four and a half years now.  I do not think about smoking anymore but I am truly grateful that I found this forum to support me when I finally stopped rationalizing my addiction and put down my last cigarette.  



From: Anne2020


Warm chocolate milk.  Makes me sleepy before I finish the cup.  


From: Rassister



I got this advice from a fellow NOPER named Susie.  She was a member of the February group in 2018.  I was having  problems sleeping and she shared with me that she read some type of boring book that she had no interest in and did not understand.  It worked for her.  I took her advice and after  awhile it worked for me as well.  The insomnia you are feeling is related to your body's withdrawal from the nicotine, (Im sure you knew that).  Words of encouragement for you that I can say worked for me......  stay close to the forum.  Find things that keep you busy and away from people and places that you associate with smoking and every time you think you want to go buy more, distract, get in the shower until the short amount of time (about 7 minutes) passes and move on again.  I can honestly say that I lived on this forum for the first two weeks at the beginning so that I did not get up and go to the store.  Yes, I went to work and did what I had to do each and every day but any down time was on this forum!   I hope this helps you and just remember that YOU CAN do this one day at a time

All the best.  

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From: candrew


"Ï just don't smoke anymore" PERIOD.



From: Marjorie1244


Hi there dog , I know exactly how you feel , I have gone just over 3 weeks now and it is very challenging process.  But if it helps , just remember how miserable you was as a smoker , and though that urge to smoke feels really strong makingbyou feel miserable going with out , you do know that urge will pass given time, even though it can sometime feel your are craving all day long. Your body will be nicotine free now , so the physical part of quitting is done , its the emotional part you now need to complete , this bad habit we've all had for some time. And to help this we need to re set the way we think , never tell your self you can't have a cigarette,  you tell yourself you can have one but you don't need one , these little receptors in our brain , keep nagging at us for nicotine , and each day we go with out ignoring this irritating need , the weaker these receptors go , and after 3 months they will be gone completely,  you will prob not think about a cigarette as much , prob not at all, but at the moment the thought tends to be at the for front most of the time most days.  But hang in there these needs and thoughts will weaken , just relax go with these urges dont fight them , distract yourself and they will pass . Well done keep at it .  Your doing great. In 3 months time you will never look back , and over the 3 months it will get easier each day .marj


From: Marjorie1244


You will one day , once you've got your head around it , just think how happier you will be as a none smoker, having a cigarette doesn't make you happy really , your just topping up the need for nicotine . Let me know when your ready to commit,  I will be here for you , even though I a have only gone just over 3 weeks with out , I am determined this time not to cave in,  or let them little receptors, in my brain that keep nagging at me saying I need nicotine win . These thoughts will be gone completely given time and weaken each day . Marj