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inspiration   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Jun-14 by strong1977; 382 views.

From: strong1977


For all of you amazing newbies out there who is finally taking the plunge to stop smoking, CONGRATS to you on the best decision your making so far. This is not an easy task but it can be done.

My name is Elizabeth, and my husband and I had started this journey ten years ago, 10 years smoke free for both of us, and it has been the best decision for us. I had smoked a lot more then my husband, so for me it was way harder for me to stop, i smoked three packs of cigarettes a day, and i was having some health issues for sure because of smoking, however, i managed to finally quit after several tries this is the one that stuck with me, so if you have tried before and failed do not be down on yourself because of that because it happens to all of us, the thing to remember is that this can be done because i have been a good example of that. How did i do it, well folks, I came on to this site, ten years ago and i stuck by it every day, i posted non stop especially when i was having a hard day, there were so many triggers for me, family members passing away, my oldest son trying to commit suicide and it didn't help that i worried for my son because of the seizures he was taking every day was something new and every day i felt like i could give in to smoking but i wouldn't...I pushed myself to be on here as often as i could, to post my feelings and that truly helped me.

I drank lots of cold water with ice, cause that really helped me with the cravings, plus i did all kinds of work around the house, keeping your hands busy is the main thing because you think less about smoking and wanting that smoke in your hand, I remember how tough it was but i would not give up because i am too stubborn to give in. This may seem impossible for you but i promise you that you can do this. I would come on here and read posts after posts of those who had longer time put in that way i could get myself thru the hard times, reading posts from those who had a month or weeks more then myself always helped me because it made me realize that if they can do this then i can to, and i did. I am someone who has ten years without smoking, i fought thru the hard times and because i did look where i am today.

Helpful tips, Cold water with ice, kept my hands busy with chores and crafts, would spend more time working on other things which also kept my mind busy. I found it was the hardest when i would leave the house because before you left the one thing you would make sure to grab would be that pack of smokes, but after awhile things got better for me i went from having the hardest time to it being very easy for me to stop smoking. Remember we all have our reasons for wanting to stop smoking, so keep that in the  back of your mind, where your always thinking of why your doing this because that is so important. And most of all don't forget to post on here because we are all in this together 

Good luck everyone and I pray that this helps you 

your non smoking friend 



From: Douglas8845


Hi Liz,

I remember you from 2012!! I was in the August Avengers group way back when.  On July 23 I will celebrate my 10th year as well! Good to see you're also going strong.  Congrats to both of you.


From: strong1977


Thank you!!! and congrats to you as well :) how have you been?



From: Douglas8845


I feel pretty good, smokes haven't been a part of my life for a loooooooong time