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To me 2   Quit Support

Started 6/26/22 by candrew; 19790 views.

From: candrew


Hey Lore

My book has taken a back seat to a website that I am developing with a group out of New York, Should be a killer and will probably make me a rich man, no matter, money is not important had lots growing up (trust fund dude)

I am also thinking about developing a new concept for kids in trouble.

They have been ripped off by the Democrats (trying to be silent regarding my political views)

Unfortunately, our youth can't read or write, add or subtract or otherwise speak proper English due to the Covid scare. Distance learning sucks. 

Trump is a no go. We like Desantis, no strings attached, 

Oh well, I will be up all-night writing. I love to write, maybe I will make the New York Times best seller list someday. Keep an eye out.



modCindi (CindiS319)

From: modCindi (CindiS319)


Hi Andrew!  It's great to see you on here.  So sorry to hear about your heart attack, not to mention the hurricane.  Wow, that's crazy!  Glad you're keeping busy on your website...can't wait to check it out once it is finished.

Glad your safe and well and still not smoking.  Keep up the great work!  You are doing this my friend!


From: JavaNY


Andrew, sorry to hear about your heart attack, but sounds like you are progressing well. Best to you.



From: Jerthie123


Andrew .... I missed you! Hope you are feeling better! In the game of life, 68 is not that old! I will look at your website ... I hope you patched things up with your wife. I am on my way out, but will try and get you again. Take care of yourself!


From: Loreficent


Hi Andrew,

A heart attack??! You wrote that in such a nonchalant manner! That’s big stuff, as you know. I am very happy to hear you are doing ok! 
Is the website related to the book? It sounds exciting. I can’t relate to the feeling of money not being important joy. I grew up fairly poor as far as that actually. Always managed to find my way as I also grew up with parents that were able to model many great examples of depth and wealth that had nothing to do with the almighty dollar. Earning my college money in the Army was a huge factor in my success as far as career also. Ending up a single parent left me with a choice of being there more for my child or working more and being better prepared for myself when she flew the nest. I chose being there for her and have absolutely no regrets on that. I can’t see working my hind end off for the next 20 years now to make up for it though. Good thing I like a simple life I guess, joy.

Yeah, it can be difficult to keep away from one’s political views in many conversations. They seem to have a way of becoming entwined in our emotions for sure. It’s a shame that the great divide in our Nation continues, but more a shame is that it now seems to the level that folks actually embrace and relish the divide. There is no pride in that as far I am concerned. The pride comes from recognizing our differences and finding a way to bridge the chasm. Our system now revolves around so many what I call “hot button” issues that doing this is increasingly seemingly impossible. Very sad state for this great Nation to be in for sure. I guess there is comfort in knowing that no matter what, we seem to be able to come together in times of crisis, such as 9/11. Pity the sense of humanity can’t continue day to day without urgency and crisis though. I believe most folks have the deep desire for the same things regardless of their political persuasion. We all want decent affordable shelter and food, decent affordable health care, a sense of safety and security, etc, etc…. If we can step back and calm our thoughts away from judgement I believe we have way more in common than we have in conflict. Not much entertainment without the conflict I’m afraid, so, perhaps unity is doomed after all…

You have so many endeavors to keep you busy! That’s fantastic really. I will definitely keep an eye on the best seller list Andrew. 

Keep on dancing! blush

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