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10 year quit anniversary    General Chit-Chat

Started Jul-23 by Douglas8845; 1312 views.

From: Douglas8845


Hey all,

Today at 6:26 PM I will complete my tenth year smoke free. 

I will toast myself for this accomplishment.  I smoked a lot for a long time and yet, here I am.  I am so far removed from this addiction that I almost blew right past this milestone.

You can also do it.

Best wishes to all.



From: Denim50


Hey Doug, 

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS on reaching 10 years smoke free yesterday. That's wonderful! relaxedtada 

Thank you for your post, and for inspiring and encouraging others too. Also, for sharing your quit story with others on the forum. You have so much to be proud of, not only with yourself and your quit but also with the help you pass onto others through your continued posts on the forum and your quit journal. It's all greatly appreciated, as are you. Again, thank you and congratulations on 10 smoke free years! 

Have a great day. relaxed 



From: strong1977


congrats, I have ten years in smoke free as well 

keep on going we got this


ten years smoke free 


From: slowblumer


Hi Douglas,

Congratulations to you on 10 big years of freedom.  It's a major accomplishment. 

You were one of the many that helped inspire me when I quit smoking.  Thank you.

At that time, 10 years quit seemed a distant dream.   Not anymore.


From: AnnieXS


Hi Douglas:

Congratulations on a decade smoke-free!  It's a huge accomplishment.  

You were an inspiration to me in the early days of my quit.  I don't know that you realize how your positive words resonate with the newbies but they stayed with me and I truly appreciate it.


Quit May 8, 2015


From: Douglas8845


Hi Denim,

First of all, loved the trophy! With my name engraved and all. 

Quitting isnt for the faint of heart.  Takes a lot of grit and white knuckling. It is doable because, guess  what, here we are, me and you.

One of the things that used to stop me from quitting was the sheer thought of the craving caused by of all the cigarettes I would NOT smoke if I did quit.  Which is silly, I was imagining a huge craving that never happened. 

Maybe one of the best weapons I had against the cravings  was the knowledge that they all cravings pass, no matter how bad they could be. This was very comforting.

Another thing that really helped me was knowing how disappointed I would be with myself if I had "just one".  I knew there was no such thing as "just one".  The choice was simple: I can have zero smokes or as many smokes as possible until I dropped dead. 

Anyway, one of the best outcomes of my quit was that it helped me qualify as a kidney donor to my brother who was, literally, a couple of weeks away from  dialysis.  That was three years ago.  My bro is thriving.

So I could go on and on but quitting cigarettes is a life lochanging experience. 

Thanks again for the trophy and pat yourself on the back for such a huge accomplishment.

Wishing you all the best!


From: Douglas8845


Good job Marge!

It is an amazing accomplishment.  When we decide to quit, just the thought of losing our deadly buddy can be enough to stop us.  I know,  that's probably what caused me to wait so long until taking the final, decisive,  step.  Once I took it, I told myself that, no matter what, no matter how bad things got, no matter how awful I felt, I simply would not smoke again - no matter what.  

And you did the same, and here we are, congrats Marge, thanks for shopping by!


From: Douglas8845


Hey Annie, 

Thanks for the congrats.  I`ll take all the accolades coming my way.  The honest to God truth is that the first year is hard, unforgettably hard, but once done, it's over,  and depending on you,  it's over forever. 

I remember my first anniversary,  i decided I would  celebrate with my family at PF Chang's. The day came and we arrived in enough time to get a table and order a Merlot that I enjoy.  I waited until 6:26 PM of July 23, 2013.  At that moment I took a sip and praised myself for doing what, I thought, was impossible.  I felt so good about myself.  My family was incredulous and proud.  I'll never, ever, forget that moment.  I had done it.

For those who don't think they can't do it, look at Denim, Annie, Liz, Marge, me. Ask us, can it really be done? Yes it can!!

You can do it too!


From: Jatchat


I can do it, that is just what I needed to hear.

Congratulations Douglas on 10 Years of Smobriety



From: candrew


Hey Anthony

Andrew here. I have read your recent posts. 

I know how much of a struggle it has been for you over the years. My wish for both of us is that we can wake up soon or it may be too late. Although I am in relatively good health, going on 70ish I am not taking anything for granted. 

I had a stroke 4 years ago and decided to quit drinking alcohol and smoking pot but hung in there with my smoking cigarettes. A chain smoker with 2+ packs a day, I wasn't willing to give it all up. My latest quit is just shy of 9 weeks. 

I feel strong this time. It's been at least 5 times this year that I have tried and failed. What is different this time? I have been experiencing a kind of spiritual awakening lately, something that I have never felt before. 

My life has taken a huge step in a positive direction. I have realized just who I really am and I see what is in front of me; it has never been clearer than ever. I wake up every morning embracing the day with enthusiasm and motivation. Walk 2-3 miles with my walker, water aerobics 3X/week, water walking for 1/2 hour and stretching exercises/yoga. The rest of the day is spent upgrading and fixing things in our house.  Happily married and otherwise my life is good. 

I hope you are doing well. This smoking thing has got to end. I'm tired of it all. I'm sure you will have to agree.

Stay in touch,