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August 2022 Ex-Smokers    Quit Buddies Unite

Started 7/31/22 by Denim50; 3331 views.

From: Denim50


Welcome New Ex-Smokers

Congratulations on taking that all important first step with cessation - stubbing out the last cigarette and getting started.

Chances are you don't feel 'ready' to quit, and are experiencing a mixture of difficult emotions about it.

Try to relax.  You've found the best place for help. 

Getting Started with Cessation

Park yourself in front of your computer and read everything you can on this forum board. We encourage you to take the initiative to introduce yourself and post often. Sharing your journey with your new quit buddies and offering support to each other really helps.

This thread will serve as the meeting place for those of you who are quitting now, and when the month ends, we will move your 'home base' thread over to the Quit Buddies Unite folder, where you can continue to support each other. 

You can also return to the Introductions folder where you'll find the new Monthly Ex-Smoker thread for those coming along behind you.  Share the tips and encouragement that helped you during month one.  Not only will this help others, it will strengthen your resolve as well.

Start your reading here:  Homework for New Ex-Smokers

Additionally, the folder headings in gray on the left of the page under DISCUSSIONS house different topics.  Click on the gray heading to view the conversations held within.  When you finish with a folder, click on the drop down menu under DISCUSSIONS and select ALL to see all of the folders again.

Introductions/Newcomers Nook
A good place to start with numerous threads from new ex-smokers.

General Chit-Chat 
This is where you will find the daily NOPE thread.  NOPE stands for Not One Puff Ever, and members pledge NOPE on a daily basis.  Give it a try - you will probably find it helpful and empowering.

Quit Support
This is a good place to post for help when you need it ASAP. 
Dots(Weeks) and Stars (Months) Milestones and One Year and Beyond Milestones 
Read the accounts of people who are winning with cessation in these folders.

Quit Buddies Unite 
This folder is the home base for the groups who quit together.  This thread will move to that folder at the end of the first month.

Quit Smoking Library
Here you'll find member stories and links to important articles that will inform you about what to expect from smoking cessation.

The next 4 posts will give you additional info on how to navigate/post here.  Please read them and let us know if you have any questions.

An Educated Quit is a Success
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From: Loreficent


Good morning Anthony,

I haven’t seen you in a bit, so wanted to check in. How is everything going? 
Hopefully you are busy exploring and contemplating this incredible planet we are on! 
I was just writing in one of the word games on here about a Beatles song done by Johnny Cash and it made me think about you.
Music is a huge part of my life. Takes my mind into places I’d love to go, and of course to many places I’ve been. Lately I’ve been trying to broaden my range of what I listen to, and mostly have been pleased and often pleasantly surprised. I’m envious of Andrew here who sounds incredibly talented with multiple instruments. I played Alto Sax in the High School band, but didn’t pick it up much after. When I got divorced, I bought this beautiful vintage piano from a shop on Belmont, called “The Immortal Piano Company “. Sadly, that shop is not there anymore. It took a few years before I was able to afford lessons but I’d play a lot on my own. Then I found a piano teacher whom I adored! She was amazing. She ended up moving to Minnesota a couple of years later but we had become fast friends and still are. After her, I ended up taking lessons from a guy who at the time was my daughter’s voice teacher. We had so much fun. I also became fast friends with him and his husband. Alas, lessons fell by the wayside once Covid came along, and I’ve since sold my beloved piano before selling the house. I miss her a lot. She was instrumental in my quit (joy) in so many ways. It was easy to go to her with a crave and keep my hands busy and distract my mind. It’s funny now to look back at those early days and see them with this perspective. Often I end up asking myself if it really was that hard, because hindsight, again always being 20/20. That’s a danger zone I’m glad I recognize as the addict is still very much alive. I could easily follow that train of thought into a quick derailment. Yes, there are moments I could talk myself right into having “just one”. The choice is ride the wave or have a thousand cigarettes, I know. Just read something in that E book about that which I will have to find again as it seemed a good mantra. 

Anyway…hope all is well. The song by the way is “My Life”. As I wrote previously, there is something very touching and genuine with Johnny’s version. The music is simpler yet incredibly beautiful in that simplicity. The authenticity of the crack in his voice when he sings it…so genuine and raw. Like life. Always genuine and raw. Makes it so breathtaking and profound. 

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From: candrew



I got a chance to do a search on No Man's Land, Lots of relevant content. I was going to join but I really don't want to spread myself too thin. I want to concentrate on a few things at a time. I am a multi-tasker but would get lost with multiple sites not remembering where and what I said and posted.

Hope you are well today,

Really enjoy reading your responses.

Good day,



From: Loreficent


Hi Andrew!

Join a site you found on No Man’s Land? I don’t recall there being site about it but seem to remember some blog talk. It makes sense right? That period of time where the newness of the quit wears down a bit and some of the initial momentum slows. Dangerous territory for sure. I think just being aware of the phenomenon and how widespread it seems is important. For me, being able to name something and also to see that other folks experience the same kind of symptoms or challenges helps to normalize something for me. Once it is normalized I can cope much better.  I’ve always wanted to be one of those people that can just accept esoteric ideas and concepts, but I struggle with doing that. 

Im doing pretty well! A bit worn out feeling today so am going to turn in early. Heading to Oahu on Sunday and I’m excited as I’ve never been to any of the Hawaiian islands. A friend of mine has a place there that is empty until he goes back in September and offered the condo and car for my use. I confess there isn’t much I’m attracted to in Honolulu or Waikiki except for the Bishop Museum. I will be most happy to fill my time exploring nature and hiking and small North side towns and beaches. 

Good to hear you are doing so well Andrew! Keep on dancing!!


From: Jatchat


Hi Lore

Keep coming, there are plenty of beaches here in Australia to explore



From: candrew



It's exciting that you get to be in Hawaii. I have never been. I love to travel and have probably been to at least 1/2 of the states in the USA. Much of my travel was for business and would stay over weekends to explore the sights and stuff. I enjoyed the flights, ordering 2 bottles of scotch and smoking several cigarettes, reading the NY Times. I thought I was hot s**t. 

Unfortunately, today I do little traveling, I miss it. I must admit I also miss my cigarettes too. Waking up this morning I think of my time out on the porch drinking my first cup of coffee, huffing down one after the other. I guess that was pleasure.

No more. "I just don't smoke anymore" PERIOD! My mantra that I repeat each time I have a craving. What were your triggers? Everyone has them. Boredom is another one that hits me throughout the day. That is why I keep as busy as possible. 

Life is much better without my compulsion to smoke, Health, money, self-esteem and a slew of other things that I get due to my decision to eliminate cigs. 

Getting ready to embark on my daily walk. I try to go further each day. My iphone keeps track of how many miles I go. It's cool.

Wishing you a wonderful day. Send me some pictures if you get a chance. 

Your friend,



From: tonypfan


Good morning, Lore:  I replied to your post above the day you wrote it but for whatever reason I could not find a copy of my post the next day.  Maybe it didn’t go through.  

I listened to Cash’s rendition of My Life.  Yep, he sang it soulfully.  

Yesterday we had our annual Jazz and Oysters Festival here on the Peninsula.  It was held at Nachotta Bay.  The music was super good.  Mel Brown, a black Jazz musician who is a Portland legend, brought his trio here.  He is totally top shelf.  The crown was roaring and dancing.  We were thrilled to have him come visit us.  

How nice to experience such a fun day without smoking cigarettes.  I was noticing only a few smokers in the crown, who had to go to the end of the field to stand near the dumpsters for their smoke.  I used to hang out there when I was a smoker.  Now no longer.  

I hope you have a good week.  And I wish all the forum members continued success with their Quit.  

We are off to Seattle mid week for the opera.  Wife and I are opera fans and Seattle always puts off an exceptional production.  

Best to you and to all forum members.  


From: Loreficent


Yes! Your neck of the woods is definitely on my bucket list Anthony! There is a ton of Australia I would love to explore. 
Hope all is well!


From: Loreficent



Good to hear from you and know you are still smoke free and doing well! This is the first response I’ve seen since I wrote so am glad. I was a tiny bit worried you didn’t write because you had been smoking. Only a tiny bit! Anyway, glad that is t the case.

Yes I am on (in?) Oahu now. Arrived yesterday midday. I am staying basically at the base of Diamond Head. Walked down into Waikiki and all around for several hours and now can say I did that. I’ve spent the morning mapping out some drives for the next several days. Now it is 11am and I’m feeling a bit late to start, lol. May have to go for a swim close and nap and start out with an actual plan at the crack of dawn. The birds here are beautiful! And interesting sounding too. It feels hotter than I expected. Everyone has always told me it doesn’t seem that hot due to the breeze, which is very nice, but midday is still quite warm. I went into a store to get some sunscreen first thing yesterday and happened to notice that cigarettes are about $16 a pack!!! Wowza. So glad I won’t be buying any of those!

Seattle Opera sounds lovely! Will you stay the night there? Such a fun city really, with so many unique nooks and crannies. A walk around my alma mater, UW is always beautiful too. One of the prettiest West Coast campuses in my opinion. 
Yes! I know Mel Brown! Fantastic you got to see him. That sounds like a fun festival. And absolutely yes, how nice not to go hang with the smokers. It’s a relief really isn’t it?

Have a safe trip to Seattle! 
Wish me luck finding my way around here. It’s only so big, so I can only get so lost, lol. 


From: Jatchat


Excellent thanks Lore