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Nope 9/4/2022   General Chit-Chat

Started Sep-4 by Eve1973; 318 views.

From: Eve1973


Good morning my fellow non-smokers!

   I haven’t been here recently, but everyone is in my thoughts, I have been dealing with some personal stuff…..which I know everyone has their own stuff, and recently had the thoughts of that “just one.” I didn’t……because I know I’m an addict…..that one would lead to more. it took a few days, but it went away. I held tough. 

  If you are hours, days, weeks, months, or years that Nicodemon can show up, but the way YOU handle him is important! Make a plan on how you will push him away when he shows up and follow through because YOU ARE WORTH IT!

take my hand and say NOT ONE PUFF EVER! 

Best to you Eve!


From: JavaNY


GM all. I join you, Eve. NOPE


From: Anne2020


Good for you Eve,  I admit I too have had the odd thought, just one.  I've even had a few dreams lately where I had given in and smoke.  This is two years 9 months quit and just these past two weeks, my thought and dreams have been drifting back.  Like you, I didn't smoke.  Instead I reminded myself the rabbit hole I would be plunging into if I did light up.  I was lucky enough to get out of that stigma.  I don't know that i could get out again if I fell back in.  Since I don't want to go back there, whishing I was up here - I decided its much, much easier to stay here.



From: Eve1973



   Stay strong….. I really hate the fact that I’m having these thoughts recently, not sure if due to stress or what, but it sucks. 

   No dreams for me but having stressful dreams, maybe that’s why I am having the thoughts. 

   We can ride the lightening and come out on the other side of the rainbow.


From: Anne2020


I hear ya Eve,  I think, as addicts, we will have periods where we must reaffirm ourselves to our smokeless lifestyle, for the remainder of our lives.  I am thankful that I have not succumbed to the temptation and am strong like THOR god of Thunder and Lighting, I will not be moved.   lol

Seriously I have to laugh at myself.  Do I really think I would be so dumb as to light up again.  My dreams show me my weaknesses, where I might stumble.  I am grateful when I wake up and realize its only a dream but also that I have shown myself where I might faulter.

Funny, all I could think is, do I really want to go back to where I was before.  NO WAY JOSE

Stay strong Eve... Cheers!!!


From: Loreficent



OMG….I just wrote a thing earlier this morning because I have been having those horrible thoughts too. I am sooo relieved to read that you and Anne have had them. We are in the same year as far as quitting, though you guys are a few months ahead of me. It is a tremendous help to read this and really helps normalize the mind games I’ve been playing with myself and put them in a clearer perspective. Thank you both so much!

I’ve not had the dreams Anne, thank goodness. You said something a long time ago now that I thought at the time would be a good mantra and I wish I remember what it was. I might have bookmarked it so I’ll look and see. Like you, I don’t know if I could climb back out of that abyss if I were to take it up again, so I intend to fight these thoughts with all my might. They are just thoughts.

Thank you Ladies! 

CC to Anne2020