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I feel hopeful   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-4 by Jerthie123; 103 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all... I am able to skip my morning lozenge now. I don't have one now until about 10am. Last night I skipped the one after dinner, and that felt good too. I feel hopeful. Today I will aim to have only 4 or 5 lozenges instead of 6. I think I may be able to do it. What is helping me reduce my intake? Coming here whenever I feel like a craving will ensue. It also helps me to recall stories of victory others have posted here. I cannot thank you all enough! Feeling great not at a full quit yet but at a reduced level!!


From: SusanK1960


Hi Jerthie,

Good for you! Please keep in mind that this is a journey, not a race. Focus on the day, not the past, not the future. This could help alleviate some of the anxiety you may be feeling. The journey is marked by small victories. How long ago did you quit smoking?


From: Jerthie123


Thank you Susan. Yes! I feel good. I feel great. It is not a race. It is a journey! I am excited. I feel encouraged. I feel like there is hope for me! So thank you! I quit smoking in 2013 with the help of nicotine lozenges. I have been using the lozenges since then. You are supposed to use them as NRT for only 3 months, but I became addicted to them. They are horrible, I have used 4 so far today. It is 6:30pm. I am able to have 2 more. This is success for me so yay! Two weeks ago at this time I would have already used 8. I do not know when and if I will ever be truly quit for good, but I do feel a sense of small victory over cutting down 50%. I am at work at the moment, but wanted to check in. I finished eating my dinner. After eating I did not use the lozenges as I normally do. Instead I came on to the forum. I feel good about myself. I am doing a lot of healing. Thank you all for your support and guidance and encouragement!