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Sharing before I go back to work   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-4 by Jerthie123; 111 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all. I wrote this just now and thought I would share! The craving is here but it is manageable. I want to get all of my things. I want to gain 5 pounds and not worry about it and just be good at living and enjoying life, while reducing my nicotine intake daily, to possibly be quitting and being free of nicotine for good... So I can be free of nicotine! I can go one more hour without nicotine. I got this. I feel good!

You got this!  Just replied to your other post and know you can do this.  Look outward into inspiring others and that will give you so much strength.  You are a role model!  You've gone from 12 to 6 each day...that's cutting it in HALF!  That is such an accomplishment!  Keep that going and put your energy into the outcome that you want to see.  


From: Jerthie123


I am almost crying Cindi. Will write more tomorrow. Night all.