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Shoes too tight   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-5 by Jerthie123; 139 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all. I wanted to share with you all the way my brain feels when I have a nicotine craving, a bad one. It is the exact same feeling of wearing a pair of high heeled shoes that are too tight all night long. Your toes feel cramped and squished together so uncomfortably at the top of your shoes that it is hard to think of anything else but the annoying discomfort. That is what my brain feels like during a strong craving. Can anyone agree? Usually I ride these cravings out by drinking lots of water, and actually tuning into the craving to really feel what is going on in my head. Is it anxiety? Is it hunger? Is it a craving? Most of the time it is a craving. And again, I get through them with water and then just letting them pass through. Hope those who are struggling to quit keep riding out your cravings as best you can. Healing thoughts go out to you today.

Hi Jerthie,

That's a good way to describe it.  I remember actually feel a tightening in my chest.  Deep breaths really helped me plow through those but it wasn't easy.  It was definitely a "yearning" for something.  I felt like nothing filled that gap or hole I was feeling.  The good new is that the feeling does go away after time.  I can't say I have had that feeling at all probably past my first 14 months quit.  And I don't miss it for sure!  There is a light at the end of the tunnel...just have to keep moving forward!


From: Jerthie123


Cindi... A gap or hole that yearns to be filled. That is a good way to describe the sorrow in me that is tied up with my addiction to nicotine. This part of my addiction is not physical- it is psychological. Nicotine comforts my anxiety and depression- though these past two weeks on a reduced intake of nicotine, my low moods have been lifted and the irritability is almost all gone! So I must continue to reduce and reduce. This forum keeps me going. Everyone here keeps me going. Amazing success stories inspire me. I am driven each time someone responds to me. And I am driven when I see a new posting from someone else who is experiencing the same struggle. So far today I have had 3 lozenges. It is almost 2pm. The old me would have had 6 by now, maybe even 7. So I am encouraged with this small victory! Yesterday I had 5 instead of 6. My goal is again today to have only 5, and make 5 my new normal until I can get to 4, and then 3, etc. It is good for me. I feel really sorry for people I see outside when I am driving to work, that are smoking. It's a terrible feeling to be doing it... To know that while you are actually smoking, you will regret it and feel anxious and want another one as soon as you butt it out. That is the feeling of shoes that are too tight. God bless all of us!