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Feeling better everyday   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-5 by Jerthie123; 62 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all. As I continue to heal from nicotine addiction, I feel better everyday. The control I now have over a craving... Being able to delay the next lozenge for an hour or more is exhilirating. I am elated! I feel so good. Today I am going to aim for only 5 lozenges instead of 6. I do want a lozenge at this moment, but it is not a strong craving. I am simply bored, wanting something to do. Wow. I can't believe I used to classify sucking on a lozenges as something to do. I could just sit and do nothing instead. I will start getting ready for work early instead of giving in to a lozenges. Or I might just walk around the house. I might go on Facebook or I might just sit and enjoy the small victory I am experiencing! That is what I will do! I will soak up the joy I feel from cutting down half of the lozenges intake on my way to maybe even being nicotine free! It already feels like a dream come true!!