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Getting stronger   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-9 by Jerthie123; 78 views.

From: Jerthie123


Hello all. With each day on a reduced intake of nicotine, I become stronger in my will and actual possiblity of being nicotine free for good. I am thrilled and so pleased with myself. I am able to delay a lozenges intake by an hour or two each time I think I need one, and that is a satisfying feeling of accomplishment for me! What makes me want to have a lozenge before I actually need one is the need I used to have to do the next thing on my list, in order to feel like I am smashing my goals and accomplishing big things. Now, instead of getting all my things done in the order I used to get them done, life is opening up for me in so many new ways! I am making lots of connections with new people and old friends, as I have fun doing their makeup or taking walks with them or sharing my journey with them about my anxiety and struggle to overcome nicotine addiction. I am writing again. I am praying more passionately... All of these things because my days are no longer spread out by an ordered number of lozenges to become that stereotypical beautiful and skinny successful woman. That is truly what nicotine lozenges did for me... Get me from one task to the next, all the while harbouring an image in my head of someone beautiful and just so... Pretty and skinny and perfect. Now that I am down to 5 or 6 lozenges a day, eat more carbs and more snacks and I no longer pay attention to that. Eating what I really want to eat makes me feel happier and energetic and also makes me want to enjoy and connect with others in meaningful ways! My to do list is still tackled, and now I feel that it is being tackled less in vain. I am healing and have hope that in God's timing I will be free for good! More another time!