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Illusion unveiled   General Chit-Chat

Started Nov-15 by Jerthie123; 70 views.

From: Jerthie123


I can see now that all of my deep sorrow and anxiety was largely a result of nicotine withdrawal pangs in between each lozenge. I romanticized thoughts of melancholy, spirituality, poverty, being skinny and hot and heavily exhausted all the while being caught up in dark, moody emotions... And this was not really me.. It was and is nicotine withdrawal. The real me can now courageously get things done without using a lozenge beforehand. The real me can finish a meal and not need a lozenge afterwards. The real me no longer needs to suck on lozenges for 30 minutes... Just needs one minute or less. The real me sees that there is more to life than being caught up with an image in my head and my head only, no one else's, being skinny and pretty and spiritually hot. That is all a lie. I can see... I can finally see the truth! That whole image of the skinny, pretty girl working hard and being kind, combined with the sorrow and heavy exhaustion... That was and is not the real me! That... Those are the feelings and the image that pops into my head when I am experiencing nicotine withdrawal! What an awakening!! I can only begin to imagine and look more forward to finally unveiling one day at a time, the real me, the more I reduce and reduce... The more I read Allen Carr, the more I hop on this forum to connect! Something wonderful is happening for me! The illusion behind nicotine lozenges is slowly being revealed! Stay tuned for more of my updates. Thank you all your continued support and encouragement!!