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December 2022 Ex-Smokers   Quit Buddies Unite

Started Dec-1 by modCindi (CindiS319); 3014 views.
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From: Sunaad


Hi @xvaper and @Jerthie123 

Firstly i want to start off with how helpful both of your suggestions and motivation was to quit !

I read th ebook by xvaper and it made me not think about smoking at all and i was going strong until new years !
I made it the entire party without smoking and i had no cravings until i had a fight with my girlfriend and all hell broke loose, i lit up one.

The next morning i had no thoughts of going back, replasing and i went strong for another 6 days but then i dont know what happened to me but i bought a cigarette (Where i live cigarretes can be bought loose) but didnt end up smoking it because i talked myself out of it multiple times.
I made the mistake of not throwing it so i ended up convincing myself to smoke it as maybe a reward or one small pleasurable activity.
I went two days again without one and today was my worst day since i started my quit.
Too many conflicts with family and with no mind control ive smoked three but i really dont want to relapse.

Im determined to go ahead and ive come here for your support and encouragement.

The ebook not one puff ever really helped me and i will read it again entirely tnoght.

Just posting all this here for accountability to myself and going to start strong again !!!



From: Cocoa60


Hope you got back on your quit route Sunaad.  I've been quit going on 16 years.  I know it's

hard starting out.  Stay on the forum every day and always use the things that work.  We don't

need to have a relationship with a killer when we're doing good or bad, just isn't good for anything.



From: Sunaad


Hi @Cocoa60 , yes I’m going strong and it’s hard not to look back because of all the associations I’ve made in my mind but reminding myself the evils and the science behind it helps !! 


From: feafee78



I absolutely love the idea of thinking of inhaling exhaust fumes from cars. I’m struggling a tiny bit tonight and reading through stuff and that really drove home (pun slightly intended) how pointless smoking is. 
thank you so much for sharing



From: xvaper


Yes, isn’t it? I’m coming up to to one year and seven moths of sobriety and I promise you it gets easier and easier. Just the other day I realised I can’t even imagine smoking a cigarettes again. It’s pure phi cal addiction with psychological brainwashing to keep it going. There is no point to it.