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Anniversary soon???   One Year and Beyond Milestones

Started Feb-2 by Loreficent; 220 views.

From: Loreficent


Hello there lovely Oxana!

Don’t you have an anniversary soon? I’m sorry I don’t remember the exact date flushed.

It’s pretty amazing how the time really does go by, isn’t it? Then…before you know it, it’s been a couple of years since having a cigarette and it feels really good. I think about you pretty often and hope that you are doing ok. I know things have been rough… pray

Congratulations, I do believe it’s around this time, and again I’m sorry I don’t know exactly! Please keep up the strong work!



From: oxanquits


Hi Lori, it's such a warm feeling to read the whole post just for me from YOU :) didn't expect that kissing_closed_eyes you played a huge part in my quit success..

the date is 12.03.2021, so pretty close

there were no major breakthroughs in my life since then, but quit alone gives me a lot of satisfaction. I am grateful I don't have to hate, disrespect and blame myself for smoking, at least.

It taught me that patience, faith and kindness to oneself can change my reality without pressure.

also happy to quit a year before the 'rough things' happened last year, thank you for your thoughts! pray

and how are you??? the last thing I followed is you coming back from Portugal :) any more exciting trips done?

raised_hands Oksana


From: Loreficent



Im so happy you got the message! So the date is 12 February 2021?

I love how you said you don’t have to hate yourself or disrespect and blame yourself for smoking. I did so much of that! It’s awful too, as you know. And to hear that the quit alone gives you satisfaction. That’s fantastic!!! It does feel really good. I think it is one of the more empowering things I have done in my life. I also believe in myself more now too. 

I live in Portugal now. In Lisbon. I arrived 15 October 2022. It’s definitely an adjustment. Adventure too of course. So I am on the same Continent with you now! My Portuguese is coming along. It’s a challenge, but I’ve gotten over the fear of speaking it and trying which I think is the biggest hurdle of learning a new language. I’ve managed to say some pretty odd things, lol, but nothing that has been offensive to anyone. Just enough to make them chuckle and give me funny looks sometimes. It’s a beautiful country with beautiful people. I miss my daughter an incredible amount. I am going back to the U.S. on the 15th for a couple of weeks. 
Im really happy to see you on here now and then, and most happy to know you are OK. I hope this year will be the year for things to turn around there. Also, I see I spelled your name wrong . I’m so sorry. 

I hope you stay in touch and stay well!! 


From: oxanquits


Lisbon, amazing, I love Portugal and its people. 

Exciting that you came back to live there, when I first visited the country I thought it would be a nice place to live. 

But I am still in snowy Poland :) your story is inspiring though.

The date is 12 March 2021 ;)

It's in one month, back than I would consider one month so far away and so tough to stay quit, sometimes I can't believe that it was so easy finally. 

My name can be spelled with X or KS, both are correct ways.

I hope to stay in touch too and see how are things there, you are close now!