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Many thanks to this forum   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started Apr-9 by Allamer1980; 464 views.

From: Allamer1980


I quit October 2020. It was my second time within a year. Cold turkey was my approach. They say only 7% succeed. 
It was rough, mentally rough. Looking back, I eventually realize drinking coffee while trying to quit made it more difficult. Caffeine is a stimulant. It countered nicotine and I would switch back/forth.

So I stopped drinking caffeine of any sort within first year. I tell ya, the moment I got past that, no more dreams and no more desires for nicotine.

I've been quit ever since. I do drink some coffee here and there. But doesn't bring back any desire to smoke or chew tobacco.

I come to this forum to see others; see what they're experiencing. I rejoice in that everyone before me gave me insight and experiences. If you're trying to quit; it gets easier and everything you are experience; is because you're quitting and the mind is adjusting. 

you will return to normal and your mind will heal. I thought something was wrong or nothing would ever be the same lol. Stick with it. You will then realize; it's all poison. 


From: Jerthie123


Wonderful story. Thank you for sharing!!

Excellent post and so true!  Thank you!


From: overdoze


I will try that out. Ive been needing to cut down on caffeine. Last week I was at a conference and they had the strongest coffee there, It made me real nervous. 

Thanks for sharing that.