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Going to try to stop smoking.   Introductions/Newcomers Nook

Started May-8 by DavidEHickey; 542 views.

From: DavidEHickey


well, my name is David.  I'm 54 years old.  When I was in my early to mid 20's I smoked up to 3 packs a day.  I didnt smoke again for almost 25 years.  But then when I was out with the guys and going thru a break up from my ex of 17 years a friend offered me a Black and Mild cigar.  I smoked it and next day bought another, then it was buying a pack a day now I buy 2 packs a day.  This was about 4 to 5 years ago.  But just always feel congested and try to blame it on alergys which I do get pretty bad.  But decided this is just stupid.  During my period of not smoking I had to laugh at smokers and make fun of them for having to go outside every 20 minutes to smoke but now I'm in the same boat.  When I quit cold turkey on cigarettes I kept 2 unopened packs of Marlboro with me at all times after several weeks I thru both packs away.  So I bought a brand new pack and have 2 cigars left.  My plan is tonight when I finish the 2 I will wake up and put on a nicotine patch. I bought plenty of lifesavers and halls cough drops to eat when I feel the urge.  Hopefully I will being throwing the unopened pack away in the future. Wish me luck!


From: EfinallyQuit


Good luck!  If you did it before you can do it again!  Glad you're here, David.  


From: JavaNY


Welcome, David. Read the articles in the May 2023 Ex-Smokers and Homework for New Ex-Smokers tabs. You should see it on the top left under 'Introductions/Newcomers Nook'.

I quit 8 years ago for almost 3 years but had 'one' and went right back to smoking. I quit again a year plus ago.  

Best of wishes,



From: Robnosmoke


David, It is a very hard habit to break and I feel for you, I have been smoke free for six weeks after a second relapse which lasted 19 years, and a massive heart attack in between but I still persisted with the logic that the  cigarettes were not the cause and developed a chronic cough. I now have signs of lung fibrosis however my chronic cough has vanished and I can walk and exercise more and feel great, so there is some hope. Preferably it would be better if you did it without resorting to nicotine replacement therapy because you are in effect still using nicotine and you cannot put out a fire by pouring more fuel upon it. I have found it much easier to quit this time around and cold Turkey by just being cruel to that pleading little voice inside that says one more won't hurt. Good luck.


From: LisaJanine


Hi Robnosmoke

I feel better not smoking in a lot of ways.  Some take longer than others to notice.  

I was really prepared and had a much more positive attitude with this quit compared to  past quits and it really helped.  Also, there is nothing wrong with using Nicotine Replacement Therapy.   It helped me stop putting cigarettes in my mouth.  

                               Lisa starstarstar


From: Robnosmoke


Hi LisaJ

Congratulations on quitting. There is no wrong or right way to quit smoking, my philosophy is whatever works for you personally. If NRT works for you, good. A quick background on my motivation for quitting. I am in the process of quitting the 2nd time around. The first time, a 30 year addiction from the age of 15 to 45. 1995 Quit until relationship breakdown 2004. Massive heart attack 2011, kept smoking, obviously a death wish.  2023, chronic cough, indications of lung fibrosis, blood lesions on right lung, cancer?" Yet to be diagnosed. 72 years of age. Chronic cough has vanished. Breathing good some days, other days not so good, it's like having cotton wool filtering the air going into your lungs. Not using NRT is a personal choice and I do not condemn it but I do not encourage it either. Ultimately, it's up to you. Keep smoking and end up like me or if you are young, quit all aspects of smoking, vaping or any other method of Nicotine intake if you can. The big tobacco companies want you and I to keep smoking so they encourage any method to keep you close to your good old friend Nicky who will always be there to comfort you and eventually kill you with kindness.


From: Jerthie123


Hi Rob... Thank you for your words of encouragement. Best to you on your quit!!